Salehin Chowdhury

Salehin Chowdhury

Salehin Chowdhury is an expert on Global Brand Communications. He has exposure to branding local products and services and has versatile experience on all segments of ATL and BTL Communications, along with B2B and B2C background in terms of Product, Service and Social Branding. Salehin has specialised skills on Startup Ventures Brand Formulation with cost-effectiveness and high integrity. Throughout his career, he has an enriched experience on Brand Communication and Marketing and worked with Brands like OTOBI, RUNNER, The City Bank Limited, Premier Bank, BanglaCAT, Abdul Monem Limited, Bengal Foundation, Jamuna Group, Lubnan Trade Consortium, Canadian University of Bangladesh etc. Currently, he is a Research fellow doing his MPhil in the topic "Globalization strategies of Local brands" at Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP).
  • Retail Franchise Brands: the context of 2020

    by - Mar 27, 2020
    You might have roamed around different industries. The industries might be service oriented, Trade oriented or manufacturing type. The best business that will keep you going is a solid retail brand. If you...
  • How marketing can help a dealer?

    by - Oct 8, 2019
    Importance of Marketing to expand the dealer’s business is undeniable nowadays. The effects of a targeted group in a media marketing created by a Marketing scheme often overtops the buyer’s buying ability, which...
  • In-House or Agency: Which one is better?

    by - Oct 4, 2019
    In the beginning, it’s better to focus on these two words, In-House and Agency. Though these words have several meanings, in this article, these words are related to Marketing and Branding. In sales,...
  • Can a university be built as a brand?

    by - Aug 9, 2019
    Unlike many other brands whether it is FMCG or a service-oriented brand, a University brand can be built from scratch. I had this privilege to work for a university right from licensing. The...
  • Time for applied marketing?

    by - May 9, 2019
    You must have heard of Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry or Applied Statistics degrees. These days one thought has been occupying me, that is of having the necessity of an Applied Marketing degree or...
  • Career in Branding

    by - Mar 19, 2019
    Building a career in Branding is a dream for many students who are pursuing business studies. To avail a successful study in Branding, students should gain some experience practically apart from acquiring knowledge...
  • Made in Bangladesh Movement by Salehin Chowdhury

    by - Mar 7, 2019
    Recently, Salehin Chowdhury, a Bangladeshi expert on Global Brand Communications, has started a movement named “Made in Bangladesh“. Made in Bangladesh is a platform where Bangladeshi local brands come under one umbrella and...
  • Start-up branding and some observations

    by - Sep 30, 2018
    Before talking about start-up branding, let’s see which companies fall into the start-up category. Even before that you should know, startup sensation is fairly new in our country. In recent days, this has...



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