Sherifah Yunus Olokodana to break stereotypes about Muslim women as she demonstrates cooking on Instagram wearing niqab

Sherifah Yunus Olokodana, an entrepreneur who has carved out a niche as a chef in Lagos, says she is seeking to break stereotypes about Muslim women in Nigeria as she demonstrates cooking on Instagram wearing a niqab face veil.

Nigeria is almost evenly divided between the largely Christian south and mainly Muslim north, where cultural norms often discourage women to get into business. Olokodana, a Yoruba Muslim from the southwest, has been a pastry chef for nearly two decades and sells food spices, but she said she still faced prejudice, reports Reuters.

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“Being a woman who dresses this way, I have to do 10 times the work of the average woman,” she said while preparing for an Instagram cooking show in her studio.

“Women in hijab (headscarves) continue to get negative vibes from people. People who dress the way I’m dressed are looked down upon in Nigeria.”

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