Build a Brand of your ‘own’

Written By- Salehin Chowdhury
Transcribed By- Arnab Mitra Sumit

Suppose you are trying to build a brand of your own or you have a business plan. In that case you are lucky and you are privileged. The goal is to build a brand philosophy and to create a perception of how my close associates will perceive it or rather what I want them to perceive from it. It’s easy to read about it but developing a product or a service takes a lot of research & time. Most of us don’t get the extra time for this. Most of the time we get carried away because of many external factors and don’t give it a deep thought that I want to create a brand thus my personal philosophy or my thoughts should be reflected through my brand as well. In normal time a newbie entrepreneur might be very busy and distracted in their day to day life and don’t get the luxury to sit down and guide his/her brand according to his vision. So whoever is deciding to launch a brand now or after two months, to name it, to work on it and decide how to work on it, I would like to tell them that it’s the time to reflect on self actualization and find where that individuals thought of action connects with the brand. This is very important because it remains how people will perceive or see the brand in future.

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Apple is one great example when it comes to connecting its founder’s personal life story with the brand. Mr. Steve Jobs presented the Brand and it’s products like Ipod, Iphone as the innovation of the century which happened from his continued journey of discovery. It was his vision which took an almost bankrupt company to become the Tech Giant that it is now.

It depends on what you want to reflect and how successful you’re at reflecting it. Name is not the only factor here; the way your employees are working, behaving, dressing up and working towards your mission is part of it. Your target customer, your price point when it matches with the current market scenario then you will start building a brand.

This might be the golden moment to sit and give it a deep thought of how you would like to build it. There is this odd trend to follow foreign brand names or find a name which rhymes with a famous brand; this is a big no if you are thinking in the long run. A brand name should be what you believe in. You need to keep in mind how you would reflect this in future aspects; how your employee will see your brand as and how your consumers will see the brand as. We are talking about all this so that an entrepreneur like you thinks it through and plans it right. But if you start your journey from the third floor before you could climb the first floor, eventually when you reach the top it will be too late to go back and start from the beginning so you have to build these foundation blocks now.

So, I hope people who are planning to build a brand will keep these points in mind that when you’re building a company from scratch, you need to think of the present and the future. A new financial year is beginning and it can be an opportunity for many people. You should know that we just passed a 6 months of crisis and you’re building something from the beginning or you can build your existing brand to the next level. By the grace of Allah, you will be successful.

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Salehin Chowdhury

Salehin Chowdhury is an expert on Global Brand Communications. He has exposure to branding local products and services and has versatile experience on all segments of ATL and BTL Communications, along with B2B and B2C background in terms of Product, Service and Social Branding. Salehin has specialised skills on Startup Ventures Brand Formulation with cost-effectiveness and high integrity. Throughout his career, he has an enriched experience on Brand Communication and Marketing and worked with Brands like OTOBI, RUNNER, The City Bank Limited, Premier Bank, BanglaCAT, Abdul Monem Limited, Bengal Foundation, Jamuna Group, Lubnan Trade Consortium, Canadian University of Bangladesh etc. Currently, he is a Research fellow doing his MPhil in the topic "Globalization strategies of Local brands" at Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP).
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