The official opening of Bangladesh Adventure Tourism Association (BATA) has been announced

Bangladesh Adventure Tourism Association (BATA) was established with a program at the Dhaka Club on December 22, 2023. This group seeks to avoid any harmful actions in the society and to pique the interest of tourists of all ages, including the young of Bangladesh, in adventure tourism. In Bangladesh, adventure tourism is becoming more and more popular. The growth of adventure tourism has been noted in the government’s 2010 tourism policy.

The organization held an official meeting at the Dhaka Club today to constitute a full committee. The organization’s CEO and founder of SAFE and Bangladesh Adventure Club, Mr. Moshiur Khandkar, was chosen to serve as secretary general, and Mr. Khabir Uddin Ahmed, president of TRIAB was elected as the founder president. Mr. Mohiuddin Helal elected as the The vice president of BATA. Mr. Ziaul Haque Hawladar, the general manager of Bangladesh Tourism Corporation, and other individuals have joined the organisation as advisor. An introductory and discussion program involving all organization members was arranged prior to the committee’s creation.

“It was our long-time dream to form such an organization,” declared the organization’s recently chosen secretary general. “There are adventure associations with adventure groups in several countries in South Asia. Together with all of Bangladesh’s adventure organizations, we were able to establish ‘(BATA)’. BATA will serve as the development, promotion, council, and regulating body for safe adventure,” he added.

Mr. Khabir Uddin Ahmed, the recently elected founding president, said, “I have traveled to different countries of the world. Even in our country, the government has launched a number of significant initiatives to promote tourism. There has been a rise in tourism-related activity. The goal of the adventure association formed today is to popularize adventure tourism among all of us.” The President added that in order to increase this organization’s prosperity, the organization will get all kinds of support from the government to promote adventure tourism.

A full committee was established following the discussion.

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