With Sense.ai, Intelsense AI presents the nation’s first-ever Bangla large language model

With the release of Ekush LLM, a notable advancement in Bangla language models, Bangladeshi AI startup Intelsense AI’s product Sense.ai has made a substantial step towards linguistic innovation. This noteworthy advancement transforms the way Bangla speakers engage with technology and offers up new avenues for artificial intelligence and language processing.

“As the world’s first LLM trained and fine-tuned in Bangla, Sense.ai is building the full-stack for Generative AI. Our primary focus is to make Generative AI relevant to Bangladesh, with immediate attention given to training AI models to support the Bangladeshi language and voice-first interfaces. Additionally, we are collaborating with Bangladeshi enterprises to co-build domain-specific AI models using their data to enhance their workflow and productivity.” – Rumman Arefin (Founder, Intelsense AI) 

For the Bangla language, Sense.ai signifies a significant advancement in natural language synthesis and interpretation. This state-of-the-art LLM, with its sophisticated transformer-based architecture, is designed to produce and understand Bangla writing with hitherto unheard-of precision and fluency. It promises to advance the state of Bangla language processing capabilities, opening up a wide range of applications in different industries.

Bangla-speaking customers should anticipate improved digital platform communication experiences with Sense.ai. The possibilities are boundless, ranging from sentiment analysis and content creation to chatbots and virtual assistants. By using this technology to better engage with Bangla-speaking audiences, businesses, financial organizations, healthcare providers, media and advertising companies, educational institutions, and government agencies may promote diversity and creativity in the digital world.

Furthermore, in the digital era, Sense.ai has enormous potential to preserve and advance Bangla language and culture. Through smooth communication in Bangla across a broad range of apps, it promotes empowerment and linguistic variety within the Bangla-speaking population.

Sense.ai’s unique performance, which distinguishes it from conventional LLMs in the Bangla language context, is what drives its ground-breaking innovation. One of Sense.ai’s primary advantages is its profound comprehension of Bangla words and characters, which is attained by incorporating a special multi-stage training procedure. Every step is driven by a distinct training philosophy; these range from sustaining and having useful conversations to identifying anomalies to acquainting extra tokens with the target language. This thorough training procedure guarantees a high degree of language comprehension, further establishing Sense.ai as a pioneer in Bangla natural language generation and interpretation.

With the advent of a new era of technology innovation and linguistic empowerment in the Bangla world, Sense AI has the potential to significantly improve the lives of people with special needs.

In addition to being a language model, Sense.ai also includes in-house, exclusive Voice AI technology. As a result, we may start using it right now, improving people’s lives by using it for telemedicine and agriculture as well as other forms of communication.

Moreover, sense AI has the potential to significantly improve the lives of those with special needs. To get the best result, we have included more tokens that are language-specific. The massive text corpus includes billions of tokens in a meticulously cleaned dataset that estimates both monolingual and multilingual content. We integrated state-of-the-art advances in learning and optimizing inside the LLM domain.

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