The best-selling biography of Elon Musk is set to be filmed

Production company A24 said on Friday that famed American director Darren Aronofsky is already signed to helm the cinematic adaptation of a best-selling biography of billionaire Elon Musk.

The 2015 film starring Michael Fassbender adapted the author of “Elon Musk,” celebrity biographer Walter Isaacson, from his earlier book on Apple founder Steve Jobs.

A representative for A24 confirmed to AFP that it had won a “highly competitive” deal for the rights to Issacson’s book, with “top studios and filmmakers in contention too.”

The production business was behind The Whale, whose lead actor Brendan Fraser won Best Actor, and Everything Everywhere All at Once, which was nominated for multiple Oscars last year.

The A24 official stated that Darren Aronofsky, the filmmaker of The Whale and other critically acclaimed dramas including Black Swan and Requiem for a Dream, is attached to both produce and direct the Musk biography.

Like Isaacson’s earlier books on Steve Jobs and Leonardo Da Vinci, among other notables, the book rocketed to the top of bestseller charts as soon as it was released in September.

According to the biography, the volatile tycoon is obsessed with delivering human life to Mars, driven by demons from his background, and insists that all of his employees be “hardcore.”

The billionaire’s early life was already well known, but Isaacson focuses attention on Musk’s abusive and manipulative father Errol, whom Musk despises.

The book proposes that Musk is driven by what his former partner Grimes calls the “demon mode”, which, according to Isaacson, makes him highly productive and is common among overachievers.

Musk’s chaotic and impulse-driven takeover of Twitter (now renamed X) also gets a lot of attention, with the billionaire seen as struggling to recognize that technology and sheer will power will not create miracles.

Another recurring theme in the book is Musk’s vindictive tendencies toward doubters and critics. A24 did not mention any timeframe for the film’s development or release.

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