At least 13 dead in Spanish nightclub fire

Authorities in Spain said that a nightclub fire on Sunday morning claimed at least 13 lives, however there are concerns the number may increase as rescuers sort through the wreckage.

The “Teatre” and “Fonda Milagros” clubs are housed in a structure that looks to have caught fire in Murcia, a city in southeast Spain.

“The fire spread from the upper parts of the two clubs, the Teatre disco and the Fonda Milagros disco… which originally were in the same building,” said Diego Seral, spokesman for the national police.

Authorities are still unsure of the exact location of the fire’s origin. Police have created a list of 15 persons who are still missing as a result of the fire, although Seral warned that it was not yet complete and could include names of some of the victims who have already been discovered.

Reporters were told by a man by the name of Jairo that his 28-year-old daughter had been in one of the clubs. He claimed to be the father of one of the victims. He said that he had not heard from her since her frantic voicemail at 6:06am.

“Mum, I love you, we’re going to die, I love you mum,” a young woman’s voice could be heard crying on the recording while in the background people shout to turn the lights on.

Mridha Shihab Mahmud is a writer, content editor and photojournalist. He works as a staff reporter at News Hour. He is also involved in humanitarian works through a trust called Safety Assistance For Emergencies (SAFE). Mridha also works as film director. His passion is photography. He is the chief respondent person in Mymensingh Film & Photography Society. Besides professional attachment, he loves graphics designing, painting, digital art and social networking.
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