King Charles’s coronation will be attended by foreign monarchs

In a historic break with a long-standing Royal custom, foreign kings will be invited to King Charles’s coronation.

‘Save the date’ reminders are anticipated to be sent to guests this week, followed by formal invitations in April.

Even though only 2,000 people were invited as opposed to the 8,000 who attended the late Queen’s Coronation in 1953, the King did enlarge one area.

Since the sacred ritual is meant to be a private conversation between the monarch and their people in the presence of God, tradition has long held that no other crowned Royals should attend the Coronation of a British monarch.

King Charles, however, has chosen to break with the 900-year-old custom by inviting his crowned friends, including European royals and rulers from Arab states, as part of his plan to modernize the event.

Charles’ choice regarding whether or not to invite foreign kings and queens has been kept a closely-kept secret. When he stated in January that he and his wife, Charlene of Monaco, were anticipating an offer, Prince Albert of Monaco almost gave away the fact that a significant break with tradition was about to occur.

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