Voice & Views arranged well-being workshops for human rights defenders of the organization

To overcome the mental health risk situation of women activists Voice & Views (V&V) NGO has implemented psychosocial well-being support activities for human rights defenders of the organization. Three workshops were held for the activists in the Narsingdi, Kusthia, and Rangpur districts on February 3, 5, and 11.

A total of 30 participants attended where major activities for well-being support covered Wellness and Self-care support to overcome traumatized situations for the defenders. The well-being support workshops were the pioneering initiative for activists of the organization.

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Psychosocial support refers to the provision of emotional, social, and psychological assistance to individuals and communities affected by crises or stressors. This type of support can help individuals cope with the challenges they face, reduce stress, and enhance their overall well-being.

V&V has recognized that women activists with or without disabilities are at high risk of experiencing mental health challenges due to the nature of their work, which can involve facing opposition and danger while advocating for the rights of women.

The human rights organization Voice & Views works to promote the rights of women with disabilities to establish their potential in society in Bangladesh. Like many other small organizations, V&V also has been struggling to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic hit among community beneficiaries and members of the organization.

To meet the organizational goals for the empowerment of women with disabilities through capacity development; increase awareness for climate adaptation, environmental justice, and livelihood safety of women with disabilities Voice & Views has been implementing a short period project on Psychosocial well-being support for Women’s human rights defenders of with and without disabilities.

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