Hubble telescope captures supermassive black hole eating a star

Through the Hubble telescope, NASA researchers just caught a glimpse of a supermassive black hole devouring a star.

The scientists reportedly observed a black hole transforming a star into what seemed to be a massive doughnut before devouring it whole.

Although it didn’t completely engulf the star, it did release radiation as it swung downward, allowing astronomers to observe and study it.

Tidal disruption events constitute the process, and according to NASA, they are among the most complicated and violent events that have ever been observed in the cosmos.

A star’s life is very dramatic; it begins when space dust begins to bind together, and it can burn brilliantly for millions of years. Stars also provide life to solar systems. And very infrequently, enormous blackholes will devour them.

The observations, according to researchers, will help them better understand what takes place during such an occurrence.

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