Digital Hospital provided over 10 Crore in free health cashback to cover the medical expenses of Its patients in Bangladesh

Digital Hospital, an innovative digital healthcare provider based in Bangladesh, has been working relentlessly towards making quality healthcare more accessible and affordable for everyone. Apart from providing doctor consultations via chat, call and video call, Digital Hospital also provides Free Health Cashback to help support patients and their families with the financial burden of medical costs. So far, Digital Hospital settled over Tk. 10 crore in Free Health Cashback to over 8000 people.

Focused on helping the people who need it the most, Digital Hospital’s aim is to make a difference in the community by improving maternal, child and overall population health to empower people to live healthy lives by providing 24/7 holistic healthcare solutions via the Digital Hospital App. However, since medical expense is a primary concern for many, Digital hospital has also introduced Free Health Cashback – a feature that allows patients to avail cashback against their medical expenses using the Digital Hospital App.

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Starting from hospital bills, diagnostic tests, maternity and COVID-19 isolation, the Free Health Cashback can be availed in any of the mentioned categories by simply submitting the relevant documents via the Digital Hospital App. Around 75% of the claims are received and settled completely digitally through the app. The total amount of Free Health Cashback ranging from Tk. 4,000 to 250,000, can be availed by subscribing to the different packages of Digital Hospital.

On an average, a household spends 7.5% of its total income on healthcare and the poorest 20% spent approximately 13.5% of their income for the same

Mo HFW. ( 2010). Bangladesh National Health Accounts 1997–2007. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Dhaka, Bangladesh.. Furthermore, Healthcare expenditures add another 5.8 million people to the extreme poverty

Mrs.Rahima(pseudonym), had conceived at the end of 2020 and both her and her husband became a bit worried as consulting doctors in person during the pandemic was quite risky. That is when she bought the Ami Gold package and after having the baby had applied for the Free Health Cashback for her maternity expenditure. Soon after she received Tk. 15,000 as cashback.

She says, ‘Receiving this support for my medical expenses from Digital Hospital has helped me a lot specially during this difficult time of the pandemic. I am very grateful to have found Digital hospital beside me, giving me strength and courage. I will advise all my relatives and friends to subscribe to Digital Hospital packages as well.”

Andrew Smith, CCO of Digital Hospital says, “Every year millions of families in Bangladesh are pushed into poverty by the costs of healthcare treatment for a loved one. Universal health coverage has never been more urgent and important. No-one should have to choose between accessing treatment for those they love, and family poverty. Digital Hospital have distributed over Tk. 10 Crore in healthcare support to our members in need, leveraging mobile technology for fast, secure payments. Together with our partners we can make healthcare in Bangladesh more accessible and affordable.”

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