Huawei and Sodexo to redefine catering experience

Huawei and one of the world’s largest catering service providers, Sodexo, are working together to give the catering and culinary industry a whole new dimension. Their partnership has resulted in the development of an intelligent digital solution titled ‘Seefood,’ which builds on the Huawei Atlas AI platform and combines AI image recognition for auto-recognition of food dishes. The AI engine can also calculate the item prices and take care of payments via digital payment methods.

Good food does not only satisfy our appetites but also gives us a sense of newness and expedition into the realm of culinary art. These days, various types of restaurants offer us a plethora of regular and exotic dishes originating from the most diverse cultural roots, which at times become difficult for us to evaluate in terms of monetary value, nutritional balance, and ideal consumption quantity. The Seefood solution developed by Huawei and Sodexo comes as a companion to solve such complications. The program utilizes deep metric learning to detect the aspects of any dish within 0.3 seconds. It basically processes images to sample and collect recognizable common data, which it then matches to identify and differentiate various dishes from one to another. It still has an active self-training platform operational using cloud technology, which is rapidly evolving with every single input. Hence, the Seefood engine is learning at an exceptional pace and becoming smarter and more efficient with every new input.

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Another useful feature of the Seefood is that it can provide real-time nutrition and calorie information. It also can implement a fully automated settlement of payments and provide an overview of order and turnover statistics. Restaurant and cafeteria owners can be facilitated greatly by this unique service of Seefood.

Martin Boden, President of Sodexo China, said, “Innovation is in Sodexo’s DNA, and China is one of the countries which are leading the world’s technological and digital transformation. We are delighted to work with Huawei to develop innovative service models for catering. Through this joint innovation project, we can better serve our customers and enrich customer experience in terms of efficiency, convenience, and health.”

Sodexo is a Paris-based catering service provider that holds the recognition of a Fortune Global 500 company. The organization has a team of professional chefs, dieticians, and kitchen staff and delivers its service to enterprises, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and factories worldwide.

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