Singer Bangladesh introduced Green Inverter Air Conditioners

Bangladesh is a land of six seasons. The summer is already gone as monsoon has arrived. Yet the heat of the summer is never truly gone, and with humidity of the rainy season, it gets even more cumbersome to stay fresh. As the COVID-19 pandemic has posed a huge threat to all of us, people are staying home – working and partaking in distant learning. And with every member locked inside the house all the time, it gets harder to get fresh air. In these circumstances, an air conditioning unit can be a very good option.

Air conditioners (AC) not only flow cool air through the house but also keep humidity in check. As a result, in these hot and sweaty days, AC can be a perfect household companion. However, many people are now more aware of environmental safety, and air conditioners available in the market emit various greenhouse gases functioning through hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) and significantly damage the Earth’s ozone layer, severely affecting the environment. Furthermore, bigger the air conditioners are, more carbon these units emit while raising the energy expenditure as well. And for those who want to contribute to lessening the carbon footprint in the world, using an AC becomes a huge dilemma for them as carbon and greenhouse gas emission and irresponsible energy consumptions are some of the things to consider responsibly.

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But a great thing about science and technology, no matter the issue, there is always a solution. And with amazing innovations, now there are numbers of eco-friendly air conditioners which will not offer you comfort but also keep the pollution in check. And in the process, these ACs can run at low power consumption, such as Green Inverter Air Conditioner.

The Green Inverter Air Conditioner uses eco-friendly R410a refrigerant – a special type of refrigerant that lessens carbon emission and averts the release of greenhouse gases in the environment. Such environment-friendly refrigerants that transmit heat effectively help to get your home cooled in no time.

With the inverter technology, these ACs can save more than 60% energy, helps in preventing energy wastages. The Gold Fin technology used in these ACs enhances performance while avoiding easy rusting of the condenser coil, increasing its lifespan as well.

Singer Bangladesh has introduced Green Inverter Air Conditioners in Bangladesh, keeping the environment-conscious customers in mind. In addition to that, to help out the customers, even more, the company is offering a 5-years warranty for compressors and 3-years warranty for spare parts and services as well.

To quench the desire of the environment-conscious people, who would like to leave a lesser carbon footprint, Green Inverter Air Conditioners are available for purchase online and in the Singer Bangladesh showrooms with lucrative discounts. Singer Bangladesh is also offering home delivery service and flexible EMI solutions with each purchase.

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