Bangladesh chess team finish 9th in FIDE Online Chess Olympiad

Bangladesh chess team completed with the ninth position in the Pool ‘A’ in Division 2 matches of the FIDE Online World Chess Olympiad held on an online platform on Sunday.

Bangladesh chess team secured three game points and seventeen game points while Bulgaria appeared the first position with eighteen match points, Germany finished the second position with fifteen match points. Indonesia became the third position in the meet with 12 match points and Bulgaria, Germany and Indonesia have qualified in the top division from Pool ‘A’ of Division 2.

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Meanwhile, in the day’s seventh-round matches, Bangladesh chess team drew with Turkmenistan by 3-3 games points with IM Mohammad Fahad Rahman won against FM Nurmamedov Azat and WCM Ahmed Walijah won WFM Mekanova Annagozel.

GM Niaz Murshed drew with IM Atabayev Yusup and GM Ziaur Rahman drew with IM Atabayev Saparmyrat. WIM Rani Hamid and WIM Sharmin Sultana Shirin failed against WFM Ovezdurdiyeva Jemal and WFM Hallaeva, Bahar respectively.

In the eighth round matches, Bangladesh lost to the Philippines by 1.5-4.5 game points with GM Ziaur Rahman won against GM Laylo Darwin and IM Mohammad Fahad Rahman split point with Concio Michael Jr. GM Niaz Murshed lost to GM Mark Paragua, WIM Rani Hamid lost to WGM Frayna, Janelle Mae WCM Samiha Sharmin Shimmi lost to WIM Galas Bernadettee and WCM Ahmed Walijah lost to San Diego Jerlyn Mae.

In ninth or last round matches, Bangladesh lost to Bulgaria by 0.5-5.5 game points. Only IM Mohammad Fahad Rahman managed to earn a draw against CM Arfan Aditya Bagus.

GM Reefat Bin Sattar, FM Md Taibur Rahman, WFM Nazrana Khan Eva, WCM Samiha Sharmin Shimmi, and WFM Noshin Anjum lost against GM Megaranto Susanto, IM Priasmoro Novendra, IM Sukandar Irine Kharisma, IM Aulia, Medina Warda, and WIM Fisabilillah Umm of Indonesia respectively.

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