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Building a career in Branding is a dream for many students who are pursuing business studies. To avail a successful study in Branding, students should gain some experience practically apart from acquiring knowledge through books. Students should develop some skills, for example – copywriting, visualization, idea generation, graphics designing etc throughout their study period in different institutes/universities. Briefing a task is also considered as a skill if someone wants to build a career in branding. Moreover, some computer skills like Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Photoshop, Illustrator are useful too. If students know how to use software, they are sure to have a competitive advantage and will be a milestone in their branding career. if they are skilled on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook through different academic and volunteer projects that will heavily pay off on their professional track.

One aspiring Brand Manager should have a clear knowledge about column inch rates of different daily newspapers, If that person googles it mentioning the desired newspaper names they will find the updated rate charts. If one has a knowledge of different productions and output formats can bring a positive result of different ideations. How much GSM are the PVC banners or how many types of light boxes are in the market or whether the paper is art card or art paper and what sort of lamination its having, This type of knowledge can really help out a potential Brand Manager who is planning to have an aspiring career at Brand Marketing both in advertising agencies and in Marketing teams.

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Salehin Chowdhury is a well-known Marketeer who has experience of a decade in the Bangladeshi Communication industry

Above all, if one gets a reliable vendor or supplier at the early stage of the career, it will be his/her biggest scope of acquiring knowledge. There are some special skills which are important for every profession, such as having the capability of reading and writing English, reading some magazines and dailies or online pages like international quality such as the New York Times, GQ or Harvard Business Review etc.
Moreover, one can read some Singapore based magazines and newspapers regularly which can enrich his/her branding ideas. To develop etiquette and professionalism one can do a course on Negotiation Skill or Time Management.

To hold on the essence of the Brand one are working for, is also important for learning how to lead a life like a brand manager or a marketer. If someone wants to work in a premium brand or in a brand which represents ordinary people, he has to put his lifestyle and thought process into the framework and persona of the Brand he/she has been working for. Self-learning will help him develop his branding career too.

According to my work experience, I am giving some ideas on branding career below:


Usually, event-based activities are done in Energy/Power companies. For example, attending fairs, maintaining networks with directory ads and service workshops.


Banking Industry has a bigger scope to work. Here, product means banking service and credit card service. One can work here in every field of Branding working in a bank. For example – event activation, public relations, campaigns, launching programs etc.


Branding in University is usually campus-based Branding, designing catalogs, collateral smartly, distributing gift items etc.


The automobile industry has many scopes to work in. From bike review to the roadshow, newspaper advertisements, events, social activities, everything is possible here. Moreover, I can say that, for branding career, the automobile industry is an interesting sector.

Overall brand marketing of furniture industry is limited to product designing and innovation. Moreover, exchange offers, loyalty offers can be a great way of marketing that can create a big impact in this industry.

Last but not least, I should endorse the fact that the above discussion is based on my experience and point of view, it may vary from person to person. Never the less One cannot ignore a single word of having ‘Passion’ or being ‘Passionate’ towards Branding works which will give a long term steady growth to a Brand Professional’s life.

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Salehin Chowdhury

Salehin Chowdhury is an expert on Global Brand Communications. He has exposure to branding local products and services and has versatile experience on all segments of ATL and BTL Communications, along with B2B and B2C background in terms of Product, Service and Social Branding. Salehin has specialised skills on Startup Ventures Brand Formulation with cost-effectiveness and high integrity. Throughout his career, he has an enriched experience on Brand Communication and Marketing and worked with Brands like OTOBI, RUNNER, The City Bank Limited, Premier Bank, BanglaCAT, Abdul Monem Limited, Bengal Foundation, Jamuna Group, Lubnan Trade Consortium, Canadian University of Bangladesh etc. Currently, he is a Research fellow doing his MPhil in the topic "Globalization strategies of Local brands" at Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP).
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