Best Songs of Ayub Bachchu [Video]

Legendary Bangladeshi singer Ayub Bachchu has passed away yesterday. He left millions of fans to mourn his death. He was the inspiration for many young musicians as well as other musicians. On his death, News Hour is going to pay a tribute by publishing this news with some of his legendary songs.

Born in Chattogram in Bangladesh, Ayub Bachchu started his music career almost 40 years back when he joined band Feelings in 1978. Later, He joined another Band Souls. In 1991, he formed his own band named LRB which gifted us many legendary songs which are still heard and will be heard by so many fans.

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LRB released its first album as a double album, which contained hard rock songs like “Ghum Vanga Shohore”, “Madhobi”, “Hoker”, “Sesh Cithi keno amon Cithi hoy”, “Happy”, and “Dhakar Sondha”.

In 1993, LRB released their album “Sukh”. It contained hard rock, blues, rock songs like “Sukh”, “Gotokal rate”, “Khoniker Jonno”, “Cholo Bodle Jai”, “Known as Sei tumi”, “Haste Dekho Gaite Dekho”, and “Rupali guiter”. “Cholo Bodle Jai” is one of the greatest hits in Bangladeshi music written by Bachchu.

Ayub Bachchu collaborated with Radio Foorti to bring the new talents and fresh voices to spotlight by giving them a platform to perform and shine.

Ayub Bachchu was married to Ferdous Ayub Chandana. The couple had two children – a son named Fairuj, who is currently studying in Canada and a daughter named Tazwar who resides in Australia.

Apart from LRB, Ayub Bachchu performed live with Richard & Le Gang (France); Remo Fernandez, Nandon Bugchi, and Bikram Gosh of India; and Azam Khan, Feelings (now Nogor Baul), Miles, Warfaze. He appeared as a judge on IIM Joka ‘Rock Fest’ (India), Benson and Hedges Star Search 1 and 2, and DRockstar 1.

He has worked as a music director for the Azam Khan, Niloy Das, Khalid Hasan Milu, Shaikh Ishtiaqe, Nasim Ali Khan, Tapan Chowdhury, Hasan Abedur Reza Jewel, Alam Ara Minu, Rupom, Jholo, and many others. He is one the panel judges of Bangladeshi Idol.

Ayub Bachchu was admitted to the CCU of a hospital in Dhaka on 27 November 2012 for the accretion of water in his lungs. He recovered after receiving treatment.

Ayub Bachchu died of cardiac failure in Dhaka on 18 October 2018 at the age of 56. He was taken to Square Hospital around 9:16 AM where he was declared dead. He will be buried in Chattogram beside his mother’s grave on Saturday.

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