You should never give up on your dreams

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It seems when we are young we have a bunch of dreams, and we feel that anything is possible. The older we get however, the further away some of those dreams get. Why is that? Did someone tell you that it was impossible? Did you try and fail? Are the odds stacked against you? All of these can be discouraging, but they are still not reasons to let go of your dream. This list are reasons why, despite your age, circumstance, or obstacle, you should never give up on your dreams.

There is no age limit

There are plenty of stories about people doing something amazing like getting their college degree, discovering a scientific breakthrough, or writing a best-selling novel at ages that surprise us, either young or old. Just because you are a certain age, it does not mean you can or can’t do something, reports FamilyShare.

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There are very few careers (the military being one) that set actual age limits. It doesn’t say that you have to stop anywhere that you have to stop learning and growing when you reach a certain number of years. We put these restraints on ourselves. Don’t let your age stand in the way of pursing something that you’ve always wanted to do.

Time passes anyway

Time marches on with our without us. If we hesitate to do something because it will take too long, before we know it that time will have passed. We will be in the same spot we were when we wondered if we should start.

We tend to live in a society that wants everything instantly. Days of waiting are in the past. With email, overnight shipping, 1-minute microwave meals and downloading we can have anything within seconds. Starting on a journey that will take months, even years, may seem overwhelming. But don’t let that stop you. Take the first step. It may seem hard, impossible even, but if we don’t start, we will never finish.

The journey may not be easy, but will it be worth it? My guess is yes. If it is a worthy goal, don’t let the amount of time it takes stop you from going for it.

You never know what will happen

Fear is a great deterrent to going after a dream. What if we fail? What if we realize that we are not as good as we thought? What if we can’t do it?

It is easy to imagine the worse, but you do not know that is what will happen. Perhaps the opposite will be true, who knows? Don’t let what might happen to you stop you from trying. Besides, failure is good for us. We will never learn how to grow and become the best version of ourselves if we do not fail once in a while. Our greatest mistakes lead to our biggest triumphs.

The harder it is the more worth it will be

Is your dream something easy? Something that almost anyone who tries it will succeed? Probably not, otherwise you would have already realized your dream and you wouldn’t be reading this article. It is most likely something difficult- something that you are not even sure you are able to accomplish. That’s okay. The harder it is, the more worth it will be when you actually do it. Don’t let the fear of hard work stand in the way of going for it.

There is a reason we have dreams. They are usually objectives, goals and wishes we have for our life that we may feel are not obtainable. The only person standing in your way is you. Even if someone tells you that you can’t do it, you choose if you will listen or not. Don’t ever stop believing in yourself. Don’t ever give up on your dream.

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