Seven reasons why are women tougher than men

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Stereotypes point to men being the stronger, faster sex, but here are some pretty solid reasons women may be tougher than men:

1. Women bleed for a week and experience cramps, bloating, fatigue, and more

It’s “that time of the month,” and, yes, it hurts. Men may think some women like to overreact or use PMS as an excuse for everything, but when it comes down to it, having a period hurts. And it happens. Every. Single. Month. Women win for being able to deal with Mother Nature’s tornadoes, reports FamilyShare.

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2. Women with paid careers have even more to balance

Working women have to manage the pressures of their bosses, deadlines, schedules, AND family life. Men do too, but if a woman is still expected to take care of the house while she’s working, there’s more expectation on her shoulders. Single mothers are even more tough. Women have to work on their own health and happiness to make sure everyone else is healthy and happy too.

3. Women can carry and deliver a baby

It’s a beautiful part of human life, and, yes, a woman gets to experience it all. Women are tough because they can carry 8 pounds of baby (plus more necessary added weight) on their bodies, survive morning sickness and nausea, and still post pictures about the whole ordeal. And there’s absolutely no arguing about how tough a woman is when she’s about to give birth. She wins, every time.

4. Women shave, wax and tweeze and don’t shed a tear

Okay, sometimes we shed tears, but women scrutinize every little part of their bodies. Many women choose to go the “natural” route and avoid any pulling or plucking, but most women do some form of grooming. And it hurts. Men don’t often wax or pluck or worry about shaving their legs every few days. Women go through a tough regimen to look and feel good.

5. Women can wear heels

Men can try on high-heeled shoes all they want, but women conquer this fashion. Some might argue that it’s a woman’s choice on what shoe to wear, but the simple fact that women can rock 4-inch heels is amazing. Women push the limits of their fashion choices when they want a night out on the town, and they look great too.

6. Women wear bras and rarely complain about it

Yes, a bra is important and takes care of everything going on, but men will never know the feeling of underwire, clips, straps and poking. These everyday irritations become commonplace to women, and even with the constant irritation women refuse to let it stop them.

7. Women experience uncomfortable annual exams

All the poking and pushing and hands everywhere – it’s an unnerving experience that men and women go through. But men especially are prone to forgo such tests and procedures due to feeling overly uncomfortable about it, even at the risk of cancer.

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