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Following last year’s overwhelmingly positive public response, this year will see Orbis  host the fourth annual Orbis Darkness to Go Dinner. In the previous three years, some 400 diners have enjoyed donning blindfolds and trying to enjoy delicious food while experiencing what it must be like to be blind. Orbis now cordially invite you to sit down and dine with us this year. By coming along, diners will also have a unique opportunity to board our new generation Flying Eye Hospital when it first touches down in Hong Kong later this year!

So leave your apprehension at the door, grab a seat at the dining table and see what it’s like to try and eat in total darkness using only sound, touch and scent to guide you! At the end of the evening, we’ll reward you with an attractive Orbis World Sight Day pin as a souvenir of your bravery. If you’re especially lucky, you might even take home a fabulous prize donated by one of our many kind sponsors!

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Highlight of the event this year is that all participants will be provided an opportunity to board the new FEH during its first-ever visit in Hong Kong.

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