Bangladesh’s cancer mortality toll is increased 7% since 2020

In Bangladesh, cancer-related fatalities increased 6.98% in 2022 over 2020, as per the most recent statistics available from the Global Cancer Observatory (GCO).

The International Agency for Research on Cancer, the cancer arm of the World Health Organization (WHO), published the most recent estimates of the worldwide cancer burden on its web portal, GCO, on Thursday, in advance of World Cancer Day. 36 cancer kinds and 185 countries are covered by the data.

The data indicates that in Bangladesh in 2022, there were 116,598 recorded fatalities and 167,256 new cancer cases, which represents increases of 6.69% and 6.98%, respectively, over 2020. Men died in numbers of 68,591, while women died in number of 48,007.

The paper raises alarming estimates of over 35 million additional instances of cancer worldwide by 2050, a 77% rise from 2022. Changes in people’s exposure to risk factors, together with population increase and aging, are all blamed for this spike.

The rising rate of cancer is mostly caused by alcohol, tobacco use, and obesity; air pollution is still a major contributor to environmental risk factors.

However, for nations with varying Human Development Index scores, the load distribution will be unequal. Those with the fewest resources to manage their cancer burdens will bear the brunt of the global cancer burden.

108,990 deaths and 156,775 cancer cases were reported in Bangladesh in the 2020 GCO data.

The report also lists the most prevalent cancer kinds in the nation; oesophageal cancer topped the list with 25,232 diagnoses, or 15.1% of all cases.

Lung cancer (7.8%), breast cancer (7.8%), cervical cancer (5.8%), and cancer of the lips and oral cavity (9.6%) are other common cancers.

Of the 90,312 cases diagnosed, other cancer types made up 54% of the cases.

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