Harvey Weinstein rape victim sues for damages

A complaint filed in Los Angeles on Thursday claims that Harvey Weinstein is being sued for damages by a woman who was raped by him ten years ago.

In December, Weinstein was found guilty of assaulting an unnamed woman in a Beverly Hills hotel room.

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The 70-year-old Oscar-winning movie producer is nearly halfway through a 23-year term for the sex crimes he was found guilty of in New York in 2020.

The possibility that the “Pulp Fiction” producer will spend the rest of his life behind bars has increased as a result of a hearing scheduled for this month in Los Angeles, even though he is appealing both charges.

On Thursday, his victim filed a lawsuit for undisclosed damages, alleging negligence, false detention, sexual battery, and intentional infliction of mental distress.

“The conduct of defendant Weinstein was despicable, and done with malice, oppression and fraud, thus justifying an award of punitive damages against him,” the lawsuit says.

Numerous women who had accused the former movie mogul of abuse won $17 million in a civil proceeding after his incarceration in New York.

They did not include the plaintiff in the lawsuit on Thursday.

Years of rumors about Weinstein’s behavior had been circulating in Hollywood, but due to his dominance of the field, few were willing to oppose him.

That all changed in 2017 with the publication of bombshell allegations against him, ushering in the #MeToo movement and opening the floodgates for women to speak out against sexual violence in the workplace.

Dozens of women have since alleged they fell victim to Weinstein’s predatory behavior.

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