To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Mati NGO, an informational event was held in Balingen, Germany

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Mati Bangladesh NGO, an educational event was held in the Bellingen market, near Stuttgart of South Germany. Förderverein Brücke Balingen Bangladesh, a longtime partner of Mati, organized the occasion.The founder and executive director of Mati, Lenen Rahaman joined the event.

Mati Bangladesh NGO has been operating in Bangladesh for the past 25 years. They strive to unite all of humanity’s resources, passion, and love in the struggle against global poverty and for a life of dignity for all people, regardless of their gender, station in life, race, or religion. Lenen Rahaman, the creator of Mati, was personally convinced that no society that professes to be civilized can endure the tremendous poverty that exists in rural Bangladesh. He started Mati in 1998 as a result of this conviction.

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The Bangladesh-based organization “Mati” and its regional affiliates have been working in many districts in the country’s north for 25 years to enhance and defend the residents’ living circumstances and right to self-determination. The founder and director of “Mati” were recently invited to Balingen for a personal exchange by dr. Gisela Swoboda of the “Brücke Balingen-Bangladesch” association.

On this occasion, an information booth was set up during the Balingen week market. Everyone was welcome at this booth. Many people have benefited from this chance to get to know Mati and make friends with the Mati. They had the opportunity to speak with Mati’s executive director there and learn more about the organization. He was there to firsthand witness Mati’s 25-year journey.

Brücke Balingen-Bangladesch was in charge of planning the event. Dr. Gisela Swoboda invited Mati and Lenen on behalf of the organization. Since 2016, Dr. Gisela Swoboda has supported the organization 2016 through fundraising and organizational matters.

“He is a guest in Balingen. He reported on his work and life in Bangladesh on the market square and at a subsequent small party on Schlossstrasse. So many people have been waiting to meet Mr. Rahaman again,” says Dr. Svoboda.

“Brücke Balingen-Bangladesch” is a community foundation with a German background that was established in 2016 by Dr. Gisela Swoboda together with other medical professionals, pharmacists, and other local and international residents. Since gisela and her organization started helping Mati Bangladesh, the organization has gained acceleration in giving health and need-based support to the people in need. With their support, Mati has done more than 1000 cataract operations in Bangladesh.

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