Samsung introduced Roblox’s experience-based virtual playground “Space Tycoon”

In the global metaverse platform Roblox, Samsung Electronics has introduced Samsung Space Tycoon (“Space Tycoon”), a virtual playground. Utilizing alien figures from space and Samsung Electronics goods, Space Tycoon is a virtual environment where users may create, play, and share experiences. Its design and functionality are inspired by the business simulation “tycoon” genre.

In order to give Gen Z customers an integrated, metaverse experience where they may design and use their very own Samsung devices, Samsung developed this service specifically for them. Samsung wants to make it possible for Gen Z customers to interact with one another and experience the brand.

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“Space Tycoon is designed to be a playground where many customers can experience unlimited possibilities of virtual spaces,” said Jinsoo Kim, Executive Vice President at Corporate Design Center in Samsung Electronics. “We wanted to give our Gen Z customers a chance to experience Samsung products in a way they have never done before. We will continue to showcase content that can deliver more meaningful and entertaining digital experiences for both our current and future customers.”

Space Tycoon features three distinct play areas: the Mining Zone for gathering resources, the Shop for purchasing game items, and the Lab for creating products. The game is set in the Samsung Space Station as well as the research laboratory where alien characters conduct research on Samsung’s newest products.

In Space Tycoon, users can construct different Samsung products, from Galaxy smartphones to different TVs and household appliances, as well as buy or upgrade game things, utilizing the excavated resources. Starting with real-world objects and giving them a facelift to become in-game gadgets allows users to express their creativity. For instance, consumers will be more creative with the Jet Bot vacuum cleaner changing into a hoverboard or The Sero lifestyle TV into a one-person helicopter. The foldable smartphone Galaxy Z Flip can also transform into a suitcase or a scooter.

Currently, more than 20 Samsung products are offered in the Shop, where customers can purchase items that randomly change color based on levels attained and are continuously updated with new product series.

The simultaneous debut of Space Tycoon in 14 languages will include Korean, English, Chinese, and Spanish. In the future, there will be more features introduced that allow users to communicate with one another, exchange their works, or go to exclusive virtual events. Additionally, as part of the #YouMake campaign, Samsung will host specific online activities on its website that are centered on coloring and collecting Samsung goods.

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