OPPO designed products and services in such way so that the security of the user information maintained with clinical precision

OPPO have designed all their products and services in such tailored ways so that the security of the information of the users is always maintained with clinical precision.

Smartphones have become an inseparable part of our lives. So, people store lots of their memories and other necessary information on their smartphones. In fact, we have more information on our smartphones that our homes. So, it has become ever important to ensure the safety of this vast amount of information that users keep in their devices.

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Keeping this in mind, OPPO is ensuring the best steps and doing whatever it takes to ensure that the information of the users is maintained with cent percent integrity and there is no scope of manipulation. All their products and services have been designed to guard the personal information of the users.

To that end, OPPO is continuously upgrading their security system so that users can feel safe. For instance – they have adopted a change in their recently-launched A16 where App hiding option is no longer a sub-feature of App lock. It is now an option on the same Setting page with App lock. So, from now onwards, nobody can misuse the users’ information.

Moreover, OPPO as a responsible business entity adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation to protect users’ privacy. Appropriate technical and organizational measures are also in place to protect users’ personal data. Under no circumstances, OPPO stores any personal data without the consent of the users taking the safety concerns of the smartphone users into account. There are also measures such as encryption & data access restrictions to ensure users’ personal data safety.

In the meantime, OPPO has android OS customized ColorOS System optimizer and avast powered antivirus to protect virus and malware so that the data stores in the users’ phones are not compromised due to unwanted attack.

To ensure that OPPO fans enjoy highest level of reliability and trustworthiness, OPPO has also set up a personal data security department and employed data protection officer globally to guard the process and ensure the security of personal data.

Protecting the data of the customers is always the top priority for OPPO. To that end, they leave no stone unturned and have already taken myriads of steps. If you want to rest assured after storing everything in your phone, then OPPO is the option you should go for.

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