Upgrade your selfie game and stop worrying about the lighting with vivo V21

Selfies are a big part of our lives. We pull out our phones and snap away when we see something we like, get a new haircut, catch up with friends at a party, and so many more scenarios. From capturing the emotion of a moment to just having some fun, selfies are the perfect tool for self-expression.

Often, foggy and fuzzy images clicked in a low-light environment can make you think twice about using your front camera at night. How, then, do we get past that hurdle and get better-looking images in low light? The answer lies in software! AI and effective post-processing can significantly reduce noise in photographs.

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For a case in point, look no further than the vivo V21! With specialized AI night algorithms, the V21 is here to revolutionize the low-light selfie experience. The smartphone creates a customized hardware setup, namely, the dual-LED selfie flash that supports the software in producing better, brighter images. That is not all.

The 44MP front camera is part of OIS Night Selfie system. It includes a 44MP OIS Super Night Selfie, Selfie Spotlight, and AI Night Portrait supported by AI Night Algorithm for the ultimate night selfie experience.

The optical image stabilization (OIS) enables stable shots and clear images even when your hand is not steady. The selfie camera also has Eye Autofocus, making sure that your selfies are never out of focus and always sharp and clean.

Pro Tip: Use the Eye Autofocus feature for your super-close or super-long-distance selfie as that will elevate clear and structured images in whatever poses, you decide to click no matter how shaky your hand is or how unsmooth your movements are.


Clicking good pictures is often a challenge in darker environments, and we usually end up with noisy or grainy photos with poor details. The V21 increases the amount of light intake and reduces noise at the same time while making your selfies more exciting.​

The dual LED spotlight under the front panel — ‘Selfie Spotlight’ — is a tailor-made to ensure that your selfie game is always strong, regardless of lighting conditions. The two LED spotlights under the front panel can be turned on when taking photos and recording videos.

It simulates professional photography studio lighting and produces ultra-clear selfies even at night. Excitingly, the spotlight can also be used together with vivo’s self-developed Aura Screen Light to perfectly light up the frame. It provides more light sources so the night selfies can come bright, delightful, and lit even in the dark.

Not only is the V21 good for photos, but also offers a great video experience at night with OIS Ultra Stable Selfie Video. With the Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) to compensate for shakes, along with the AF zoom lens and EIS algorithm, V21 enables the ultimate clear and stable video recording. It optimizes the recorded videos during walking/running to avoid blurring.

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