The health smartwatch from Veepoo Technology is now available

VEEPOO WATCH RIG, with its EKG/ECG monitoring service and other health monitoring functions, can efficiently identify a variety of heart disorders, including atrial fibrillation and premature beat. EKG/ECG signal frequency sampling can exceed 512hz, which is a medical application level. Through the special health management program VeepooHealth, the VEEPOO WATCH RIG can track and analyze 13 different types of heart illnesses, as well as generate and export medical EKG/ECG waveforms.

Anytime, anyplace, the VEEPOO WATCH RIG wristwatch can collect aberrant EKG/ECG readings.

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When indications of heart disease arise, it is especially critical and necessary to collect effective EKG/ECG signals quickly and immediately. As a result, RIG has an EKG/ECG emergency mode in addition to the standard EKG/ECG function. When the wearer experiences “palpitation, dyspnea, chest pain, chest tightness, blackout, numbness of limbs,” and other physical reactions, the wearer can use RIG’s EKG/ECG emergency mode to enter the EKG/ECG signal acquisition work in 3 seconds, collecting and recording the current EKG/ECG signal in the watch. EKG/ECG waveforms can be exported from VeepooHealth after the event for additional heart health analysis, as opposed to other EKG/ECG solutions on the market that can only record and analyze EKG/ECG signals during app startup. WATCH RIG is set to be launched on September 10th.

The VEEPOO WATCH RIG smartwatch provides a variety of health-monitoring features.

Biosensor monitoring technology and multi-channel optical monitoring technology are included in RIG. It has many health features, including all-weather, high-precision continuous dynamic heart rate tracking, medical-grade continuous oxygen saturation tracking, full-time scientific sleep tracking, sleep apnea tracking analysis, application of Lorentz scatter analysis of HRV (heart rate variability), and more. Clinical trials on the VEEPOO WATCH RIG are being carried out in China in order to seek for China class II medical device certification. RIG is a smartwatch for medical purposes.

Veepoo Technology Co. Ltd., based in Shenzhen, is a well-known health wearable science and technology innovation company. It was founded in 2012 with the goal of improving the health of hundreds of millions of people. It is dedicated to finding more convenient, effective, and scientific monitoring methods and applications for human body health data.

Veepoo has over 40 invention patents in the field of health-wearable devices, including scientific and accurate monitoring technology and software algorithms for resting pulse rate, exercise pulse rate, oxygen saturation, exercise step counting, EKG/ECG, female physiological signal, physiological signal, and physiological signal, applied to wearable devices. With their high-precision health monitoring technology and high-quality products and services during continued sustainable cooperation, the light health wearable products equipped with Veepoo technology have acquired the market’s trust and recognition after more than six years of market operation.

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