Samsung refrigerators to meeting all demands of users

Refrigerators are undoubtedly the most common, if not ubiquitous, household appliance across the world. We are instantly reminded of its importance to our lives when the power goes off, or the unit fails, putting the food’s safety in danger.

The refrigeration technique plays a crucial role in the preservation of perishables, especially in a tropical country like Bangladesh, with varying climatic conditions and seasons of gluts and scarcity. Although the fundamental benefit of the appliance is to keep foods cold, the use of refrigerators goes far beyond just keeping the butter firm and milk chilled. It slows down the activity of bacteria, which means being able to consume meat beyond a few hours from purchase. With longer safe-consumption periods, it reduces food waste drastically and is more cost-efficient.

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What was once viewed simply as a place to cool and store food has now become the centre of a home and the family. When an appliance plays such an essential role in our lives, then everything from the design to the performance needs to be great. Samsung Consumer Electronics Bangladesh has brought refrigerators in the market that goes beyond storage and brings a myriad of new possibilities with meaningful innovations.

As technology is evolving every day, families have also started to develop unique preferences. To suit the diverse storage needs, Samsung has a wide range of categories, including No Frost, Side-by-Side, Direct Cooling, and Upright Freezer. Each category combines style and function with outstanding features and gives you the option to select a fridge that works for your home. The different cooling functions of these refrigerators preserve the freshness of food items for a longer time and prevent bacterial activity. To ensure this, the built-in sensors automatically transfer all the relevant information to the intelligent control unit, which then processes cooling activities as and when required.

Furthermore, the refrigerators are equipped with several modes such as Extra Fridge Mode, Vacation Mode, Home Alone Mode, and Seasonal Mode. Some models of their refrigerators have the Smart Connect Inverter technology that not only delivers energy savings but can also be connected to the inverter at home during power cuts or load shedding.

Additionally, the Twin Cooling Plus technology creates a favourable environment for preserving perishables in the fridge with 70% humidity, therefore, keeping them fresh for longer without drying out.

Samsung has strongly reinvigorated the home appliance concept and transformed refrigerators from a ‘luxury’ to a ‘necessity.’ With practical innovations infused throughout, Samsung has the perfect fridge for all households. If you have a big family with different food habits, a side-by-side refrigerator can be the ideal choice.

One of the most important festivals commemorated in Bangladesh, Eid Al-Adha, is right around the corner. Due to this, the consumers’ refrigerator needs have become more precise and urgent. To meet the extra demands for refrigerators ahead of the occasion, Samsung Consumer Electronics Bangladesh has launched the campaign titled ‘Big Offer Eid Jombe Ebar.’ On the purchase of selected refrigerators, customers can enjoy a cashback of up to BDT 15, 000. The campaign will also allow customers to benefit from various exchange offers of up to BDT 23,000. With the free home delivery and installation process, the ongoing campaign will continue till July 31, 2021.

In today’s world of population explosion and climate crisis, the importance of food preservation hardly needs any emphasis. Samsung creates refrigerators with stunning yet meaningful features that make consumers’ lives simpler and more efficient.

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