Samsung unveils Samsung Bespoke 35L Microwave Oven for kitchen solution

Modern lives, with all its shenanigans, have been slowly adapting to the ‘new normal’ through finding suitable alternatives. But few things, which made our lives more jubilant before the pandemic, are yet to find ways back to our happy courses once again. For one, our weekend evenings at favorite restaurants with friends and family have now turned into a distant memory due to the restrictions against social gatherings. As we slowly make up for a healthier world, a healthier alternative to serving our appetites in the most restaurant-like way now could be the addition of a top-notch cooking oven at our dear homes!

Ovens are no longer unfamiliar to urban dwellers who often find their work schedules collapsing with little to no time left for preparing a proper meal. The common consequence is us than making friends with the little square boxes for heating and reheating yesterday’s meals while we draft emails or check up on the kid’s class schedules.

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Now, keeping aside the rare slapdash experiments with the grilled chickens and baked pasta (which are most likely to head to the trash rather than the tummy), the typical homeowners’ ovens come of little fancy use. But the good news is, if you have a decent oven at your house, you may already have a steady companion to prepare for that special dinner you’ve been planning for months.

Take Samsung’s stunning new Bespoke 35L microwave oven, for example. The convection oven with the HotBlastTM feature could adorn your kitchen with a touch of elegance and efficiency. The ‘multi-player oven brings a variety of food preparations, including baking, steaming, grilling, and roasting, at your disposal. With the exclusive additional features like HotBlastTM, Air Fry, dehydration, and fermentation, now you can finally explore the entire cookbook with a smile of confidence!

The HotBlastTM technology initiates a handy method of instant cooking, which obtains powerful hot air emissions from multiple air holes inside the oven. The heat is released in an evenly balanced manner directly onto the food so that it’s crispy outside but juicy inside – all in a jiffy. For those charting out healthier diets but failing every time before the mighty curly fries – the oven has brought the Air Fry feature. This technology combines the use of hot air circulation and the heated Crusty Plate –specially designed by Samsung to drain maximum oils – to prepare the most tasteful crisps, using only a few drops of oil! So now you can go full-throttle with the nuggets and chips and still save the hassles of cleaning up greasy pans and oil splatters.

The stylish oven with a clean charcoal door, full glass touch control with white LED display, and a 380 mm turntable. Another new feature is Steam Cook which offers a three-layered stainless steamer cover, which keeps your food perfectly warm and moist. Now it is easier to prepare nutritious and tender foods. There is also the PowerGrill DuoTM with innovative wide grill heaters delivering up to a maximum of 2250W power for grilling. However, it is given that you won’t be in the party mood every day. As you go by your hectic daily hours, consider using the smart presets of the oven’s Auto Cook mode to prepare from green beans to brown rice – all at one touch of fingertips.

The oven has been crafted to be an allrounder, as it not only helps with easy cooking but also enables easy cleaning and hygienic maintenance. The Ceramic InsideTM technology makes the interior of the oven instantly cleanable, scratch-free, and protected against bacteria up to 99.9%. Customers can visit Samsung showrooms or order online. The oven comes at a price of BDT 42,900 with a standard 1-Year warranty. The company is also providing up to 06 months’ EMI facility, along with free home/office delivery with free installation.

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