Pandemic creates acute MCH Crisis

The mother is a woman who has to do ten hands like Goddess Durga with both hands. At this time when the whole world is trembling with the corona virus, she has to take care of her family, office, loved ones and ensure the safety of the unborn child.

Pregnancy is a special time full of excitement and anticipation. Although the experience is pleasant at normal times, it is a time of fear, anxiety and uncertainty for expectant mothers dealing with the outbreak of corona virus (Covid-19).

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Thousands of questions are haunting future mothers about how women can protect themselves and their young children. Concerns about their own and the health of their unborn children are on the rise. As far as is known, its effect on the body of the pregnant mother is the same as that of ten other people. If infected with this virus, pregnant mothers may also have fever, sneezing, sore throat, pneumonia, cough.This is risky for her unborn child.

Moreover, when a pregnant mother is feeling a little sick, she does not dare to go to the hospital for her treatment, because there is no separate arrangement for pregnant mothers in the hospital or health complex, which can be a threat to their body at times. If the doctors have heard of cold, fever, chills, then they have to first see the doctor with the result of the Corona test which is much more time consuming. We know that usually the result of the Corona test is not given immediately. We have to wait for a few hours and sometimes it goes beyond 24 hours. But if something happens to the mother and baby during this waiting period, who will take the responsibility? State or society!

Many pregnant mothers have seen how cruel the world can be at this time and have faced various life and death tests. For this terror and unsafe health system of the state around the world, many mothers have to watch their baby struggling to survive in NICU. So for future mothers, we have to agree with that message of Henrietta.

Millions of mothers began their journey in one world – the world as it was there. They will give birth to their offspring in another world. The world is what it is now. They have to be afraid to go to health centers in the world, lest there be an infection.

Farhin Shimu is the author of this article

Even though a mother is able to give birth to a child at this time, she is not sure that she and her child are safe from this moment on earth. This is not to say that she no longer has to go to the hospital or health complex. Because if we look at our last 2/1 generation, we can know how important vaccines are for a child. How many children have been crippled due to lack of vaccines 2/1 generations ago, how many children have had to carry the scars of smallpox with the look of neglect in society for life. Maybe the present generation has not heard about these diseases. But what is the need in this digital world if we are to face the same problems that our past generations have suffered in this current corona?

As soon as we go to the health complexes, we see thousands and thousands of people. There are no rules and regulations, there is no separate unit for mother and child. A child has to enter through the gate through which the patient does not enter. Knowing this, the baby has to be taken to the vaccination center 41 days after his birth for vaccination. The government has not made any other arrangements for them yet. Maybe a mother would have felt so helpless at another time.

If the children are not vaccinated in time, they will be harmed physically and mentally. In the same way, the government must take necessary steps to ensure that mothers and children get safe and secure services without any risk.

Farhin Shimu is working as Senior Executive in Department of Strategy, Growth & PR at Soft Tech Innovation Ltd.


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