Dissemination workshop to held on Bangladeshi perspectives on Hidden dimension of poverty

The first-ever dissemination workshop to hold physically to disseminate the findings of Bangladeshi perspectives on the Hidden dimension of poverty research, on next Sunday (7 March 2021). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, The programs were postponed last year.

As a part of the “Thinking, taking action & advocating with the poorest” project by AFD, ATD Forthworld, and Mati Bangladesh, this workshop is going to be organized in Mati Eco Village located in Huzurikanda, Sherpur. Along with the dissemination Workshop, an art camp is also going to be organized in the same place.

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In this workshop and art camp, renowned artists and academics from Bangladesh will join as a participant. The main goal for the program is to disseminate the findings of a previously finished research project that has sought to refine the understanding and measurement of poverty by engaging with people directly experiencing poverty, practitioners, and academics.

The longer-term goal is that the research should contribute to more sensitive policy design at the national and international level and thereby to the eradication of poverty. It is widely recognized that poverty is multidimensional. However, hitherto these dimensions have not been well specified, certain dimensions have gone unrecognized, and the ways in which the dimensions interact to shape the experience of poverty has not been properly understood.

The research has involved teams in Bangladesh, Bolivia, France, Tanzania, the United Kingdom, and the USA. People with direct experience of poverty, academics and practitioners, worked together as equals.

After sharing the findings with the artists, there will be an art camp where renowned artists will express their thoughts through art and performance. Which will be later used as documents and material to spread the knowledge all over the nation and world.

Detailed information about the research findings and dissemination is available on www.povertyinbangladesh.com .

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Mridha Shihab Mahmud

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