Vacuum Cleaner to easily clean home and office

One of the most common annoyances to the homemakers and caregivers is the constant building up of dust over almost every surface that is exposed to passing air. Sufficient ventilation in our homes and offices is mandatory to keep our bodies and minds fresh and active. But the adverse side of consistent airflow in any place is that it soon spreads dust, germs, and microparticles.

Especially during the winter’s dry and low-moist conditions, we often find our furniture, like – sofa, bed, and tabletops – covered under a layer of dust. Although it is not very difficult to wipe it away, having to do the same chore over and over again every day becomes irritating.

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Many of us are allergic to dust and micropollutants like pollen and animal fur. Debris of dead skin, microscopic bugs, wood grains, and many more tiny components cause us rapid sneezing, nasal irritation, and even difficulty breathing. Their health issues often start to increase as the winter begins. Even if one is not allergic to such components, s/he must not take the factor lightly since COVID-19 has already taught us how a commonly non-visible entity can take the entire world under a deadly grip. Thus, it is imperative that we all keep our houses dust and germ-free as much as possible.

As our lifestyles continue to see newer dimensions of progression, our approach towards household and workplace management has also been seeing much improvement. Although the major portion of our population still favors traditional methods of wiping and cleaning using broom and dustpans, we have also been witnessing growing popularity in the market of advanced cleaning tools. For example, advanced mops with multi utilities like self-cleaning and drying, odorless dust buckets, etc., are now often availed by the middle-income population for more convenient home management. Many residents and office-dwellers also prefer to obtain a vacuum cleaner for much quicker and effective interior hygiene.

Vacuum cleaners are basically electronically powered appliances that utilize suction power to collect micro components and allergens from the most critical portions, tight passages, and tiny corners in our household and office furniture. It has been popular globally for decades, but the popularity has been rather low in Bangladesh in the past years. Portable vacuum cleaners work like a charm when there are stubborn dust and dirt to erase from any surface. Vacuum cleaners use the simple technology of reverse-pumping air (or suction) and collect the components inside a chamber or a detachable compartment/bag. The detachable portion is then trashed or cleaned and reused.

There are many eminent electronic brands that manufacture vacuum cleaners of various sizes, types, and prices. Canister, stick, upright, handheld, sweeper, etc., are the few mostly used types of vacuum cleaners that are available in our markets. The most advanced technology has also presented autonomous/robot vacuum cleaning assistants, which can trace and sweep dust automatically from the floor, carpets, and other surfaces. Leading electronic and home appliances manufacturer Samsung has introduced a wide range of vacuum cleaners in Bangladesh.

Their latest introduction – the stick type vacuum cleaners have already created a buzz in the local market for its easy yet efficient operation. Coming at various sizes and prices, the Samsung vacuum cleaners guarantee efficient cleaning with mechanical longevity. With the proceeding winter, a Samsung vacuum cleaner might just be the perfect companion for those who are conscious regarding their health-safety at home and office. 365 days of warranty, free home delivery and installation are available with all of the vacuum cleaners.

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