Viber brings in new ways of making the new school year more engaging and fun

Rakuten Viber has introduced different enhancements to support teachers, parents, and students during the new school year. The Japanese-owned communications platform has just launched quiz mode in polls for group chats and communities worldwide, including Bangladesh.

The quiz mode will empower teachers to quickly check the level of understanding of the class regarding the recent studies in the respected community for each subject and many more. The quiz can be created in three simple steps – select a community or a group chat and click on the poll icon at the bottom of the screen. Then, in the pop-up, enable the quiz mode, add a question, possible answers, and add a short explanation of why the answer is correct. Finally, select the correct answer and click create.

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After the quiz is live in both communities and group chats, other users can also see the distribution of answers along with the explanation of the correct solution submitted by the rest of the participants. However, the individual will only be able to view the distribution of responses after submitting their own answer. Individual answers of participants in a quiz on communities will be kept private, even for the creator of the quiz. They will only see the distribution of responses per question, while for the group chats, the creator of the quiz will have the opportunity to track the vote of each respondent.

This functionality is useful for everyone interested to check the knowledge or understanding or opinion of the community members or simply create some fun quizzes on various topics. This feature might also be beneficial for teachers in Bangladesh, especially the ones who are not tech-savvy and are still trying to grasp the process of specific software in the computers.

Anna Znamenskaya, Chief Growth Officer, Rakuten Viber, said, “At the end of the last school year, the digitization of learning went from a gradual process to something that literally happened overnight as countries across the globe went into lockdown. In just a few days, the entire educational process was moved from classrooms to students’ and teachers’ homes. Many Viber communities between students, teachers, and parents were created to support the overall education process. Going through the numbers today and comparing the same period last year globally, the number of users who chatted in communities has doubled, which proves Viber is a valuable ally in finding the new balance in these challenging times.”

Following its commitment to support education, through the last couple of months, Viber has introduced many additional functionalities that will come in handy and fun for both teachers, students, and parents. On top of the list comes the enhanced media gallery and the coming soon feature ‘Reminders’ in My Notes, which will assist users not to forget important deadlines for assignments, projects, and meetings. For those who want to bring some fun in their class or parent’s communities, GIF and sticker reactions will come in handy. Instant voice and video messages are always a good idea when seeking a quick and personal way to deliver short messages while being on the go.

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