Samsung introduced Macro Camera in Galaxy A51 and A71

When taking a photograph, sometimes we discover ourselves harnessing our camera’s zoom feature to capture certain special things in the maximum amount detail as possible. The unique textures and colours that desserts possess are one such example; when capturing a specifically impressive cake or sweet treat, harnessing our smartphone camera’s zoom comes in handy when looking to record it altogether its glory.

The Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71’s powerful quad-camera features a 5MP Macro camera that, compared to a regular camera lens, can capture a subject and all its intricate detailing at a 30 to 50 mm range. To see this revolutionary close-up technology in action, Samsung Global Newsroom used the Galaxy A51’s Macro lens to take the best shots of 12 different appetizing desserts. What new worlds of detailing will the Macro lens uncover?

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The macro lens can capture details that human eyes aren’t capable of perceiving. Not only does the Macro lens record all of an object’s surface detail, but it can also focus on a subject automatically without any manual adjustments. 

Macro Camera

The Macro camera vividly captures the tiny water droplets on this dessert that has come fresh out of the refrigerator

Macro Camera

The glassy surface of this strawberry mousse cake appears extra iridescent when photographed with the Macro Camera

To take a good close-up picture of food, you need to be aware of your light source. Food photography is different and needs backlighting to compare to regular shots. Use backlighting to harness the light effects to showcase the dynamism of your subject, such as its glittering moisture or its vivid colors.


The different textures of a dessert don’t just make it enjoyable to eat – but it is also a sight to behold. Macro lens can bring the multifaceted details of the dessert.

Macro Camera


Professional photographers use a reflector to direct and change the light composition to take top-quality shots. A piece of white card, such as a business card, or an A4 size paper, can work as a reflector. Place the card to the side of your smartphone’s camera to amplify the light.


Capturing every vivid and dynamic shade of the desserts are both appealing to the palette and a sight to behold, especially with a contrasting background. 

Macro Camera

With their contrasting textures and appealing colors, these macarons get even tastier when photographed with the Macro camera

Two same dishes will rarely come out perfectly identical – garnishes might be placed differently, textures might overlap, and colors might vary. Paying attention to the details particular to your dessert will capture a shot that will be unique. 


Desserts that are layered, be it with flavors of different textures, consistencies, or colors, are as aesthetically pleasing as they are appealing to the palette. To get that perfect cross-section shot of your dessert, every detail must stand out, and the Macro camera lens is the perfect tool for doing this. 

Macro Camera

The smooth harmony of this layered cake is captured perfectly with the Macro camera

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