Six Bangladeshi young leaders are in the list of Women Deliver class of 2020

Throughout the memorable moment when women and young people around the world are on the frontlines of both the COVID-19 response and global protests for racial justice, Women Deliver, a US-based development agency welcomes 300 young changemakers from around the world who are dedicated to promoting gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights. Six Bangladeshi young leaders got a place on this list.

Women Deliver picked all the Young Leaders for their potential to have a lasting impression on the lives of girls and women. As a group, they have already driven tangible progress on a wide range of issues, including sexual and reproductive health and rights, maternal health, LGBTQIA+ rights, peace and security, water and sanitation, gender-based violence, education, political participation, and youth engagement.

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According to the information obtained from the website of Women Deliver, these six youth leaders have got a place from Bangladesh in the ‘Women Deliver Young Leaders’ program. The six Bangladeshis are Mohsina Akhter, Sohanur Rahman, Nafisa Tasnim, Nowshin Chowdhury, Tanjila Majumder and Saadman Faisal.

Details about the work and initiatives of these young leaders have been posted on the Women Delivery website. Some of them are involved in education and maternal health care, some are involved in preventing violence against women, some are involved in protecting the climate and the environment, and some are concerned with the empowerment of poor people.

Mohsina Akter

Mohsina Aktar received a Master of Science in Environmental Science from Khulna University. currently, She is working as a Program Coordinator at Community Development for Peace. She is working to ensure women’s rights to get a proper education. Girls from slum areas do not get the chance or even the privilege to talk about their rights. She is working for them by choosing the most vulnerable group of girls to continue their education and work to exchange knowledge for the disaster risk reduction process in slum areas. She generally highlights issues related to sanitation practices in urban slums, reproductive health consciousness of young girls, the trauma of abortion.

Sohanur Rahman

Sohanur Rahman completed a diploma in engineering from Barisal Polytechnic Institute. As a Chief Executive of Bangladesh Model Youth Parliament, Sohan prepares new project proposals, facilitates the annual report, and leads intervention for youth development. As Co-founder and Coordinator at YouthNet for Climate Justice, he is accountable for strategic partnership, resource mobilization, and training programs. Sohan is also a Climate Action Network South Asia committee member. He generally highlights issues related to climate and reproductive justice, GBV, child marriage.

Nafisa Tasneem

Nafisa Tasneem obtained a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery from Armed Forces Medical College. As a Medical Officer at Anwer Khan Modern Medical College Hospital, Nafisa supervises the medical care of the patients and the duties performed by our medical staff, helping assess and diagnose needs and plans of actions. Additionally, Nafisa works as a volunteer medical assistance provider in the Narail district and provides free medical services through social media. She generally highlights issues related to male engagement, reproductive health.

Among the six Bangladeshis, Tanjila Majumder, Nowshin Chowdhury and Sadman Faisal are employees of the BRAC NGO.

Tanjila Mazumder Drishti

Tanjila Mazumder Drishti obtained a Master in Globalization, Business, and Development from the University of Sussex in 2018. As a Senior Manager at BRAC, Tanjila is responsible for leading an enthusiastic young team to oversee knowledge management, communications, partnership management, and advocacy works for BRAC’s health program that reaches 110 million people across Bangladesh each year. She is also an Alumni Advisor for Asian University for Women Support Foundation, supporting in fundraising and partnership management initiatives to ensure access to higher education for girls from the most marginalized and deprived communities in Bangladesh. She generally highlights issues related to multi-dimensional effects of child marriage, a data-driven referral system reducing maternal deaths in Bangladesh access to services for the urban poor.

Nowshin Chowdhury

Nowshin Chowdhury earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from North South University. She is currently working as a Deputy Manager of Communication and Knowledge Management at BRAC, Nowshin ensures partnership and knowledge management of the urban program, which works across 500 slums in Bangladesh in slum upgrading. As the Vice President of Junior Chamber International Dhaka West, she is accountable for fundraising activities and organizing events for overall community development through advocacy workshops, projects, and campaigns in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals. Additionally, Nowshin is Communication Focal at the United Nations Youth Advisory Panel under Bangladesh UNICEF, an Associate Fellow at the Royal Commonwealth Society, and an activist with Activista. She generally highlights issues related to women in urban contexts, technology as a solution for violence against women, young people’s political participation.

Saadman Faisal

Saadman Faisal is currently working toward a Master of Science in Economics at North South University. He is working as Social Inclusion Officer at BRAC Bangladesh. Saadman is responsible for ensuring equal participation from all the genders within the “perception change of youth regarding skills training” project through regular inspection, helping the social inclusions team with its social inclusion training of BRAC, SDP field staff, and writing periodic project papers for a variety of different projects within the program. As Founder at Fresh Tag, a non-profit business tackling food waste, Saadam is currently spearheading the fund collection process for the startup. Additionally, he is a Youth Advocate at Youth Ag Summit. He generally highlights issues related to LGBTQIA+ rights on education and training in developing nations, economic empowerment of women and LGBTQIA+ populations, the effect of climate and environment on women in developing countries.

Women Deliver will provide various opportunities including various types of training and funding to expand the work and initiatives of the selected youth. At the same time, the selected youths will have the opportunity to participate in the ‘Women Deliver Conference 2022’, one of the largest conferences on women’s equality and rights in the world.

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