DPS STS School Dhaka undertakes extensive measures to assist parents and students

The pandemic has been a time where patience and perseverance have been the two most important assets. Through these times of hardship, DPS STS School has undertaken many proactive measures for students and parents in various ways. 

Earlier, the School had already communicated with the parents that all due tuition fees could be paid after the General Holiday ends. DPS STS School has further confirmed to parents that there will be no tuition fee hike for 2020-2021. The yearly tuition fee payment has been converted into 10 installments instead of 4 without any additional charge, and further credit has been provided for students’ transportation fee, wherever applicable. 

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DPS STS School has always kept the parents informed about the institution being open to any supportive and educational offers from other various companies across the nation. For example, recently, Midas Financing Ltd has approached the School to offer an attractive 24-months’ EMI loan for tuition fee payments. DPS STS School introduced the offer to parents, who are free to choose to continue paying tuition fee over 10 installments without any charge or opt at their behest for the 24-months’ financial support.

Another initiative the school has taken to support the parents is by providing free home internet for the students. Parents have been communicated that if the classes continue online, then the School will provide free internet to students at home during the period of online classes. This is possibly a first in the whole of Bangladesh for any educational institution.

DPS STS School

On this occasion, Madhu Wal, Principal, DPS STS School Dhaka, said, “In fact, I believe this is the first time any school has taken such a wide array of proactive measures. All these initiatives, including providing free internet at students’ homes during online classes, will help students continue to experience world-class education. Moreover, the school has not been compromising students’ health and safety by conducting regular maintenance of critical equipment around the campus.” 

The teachers of DPS STS School have been continuously conducting online classes even during General Holiday by the Government. In this regard, the school is ensuring full responsibility towards teachers, as well as staff and sub-staff who have families to support too.

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