Radhika Apte cut her own hair

What people are not doing sitting at home in the lockdown corona! Meanwhile, Beetown stars are now washing dishes, cooking and doing housework like ordinary people. They have even become quite adept at cutting hair. As Radhika Apte also did the same for herself.

Many Beetown stars have taken responsibility for their loved ones’ hairstyles. Anushka cut the hair of Virat Kohli like this. But in this case, Bollywood actress Radhika Apte is a little more exceptional. He cut his own hair.

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Radhika first shared a picture of her long hair and wrote on Instagram,, “Going to take a pair of scissors and chop the length. I love how long and healthy my hair has grown. But it’s time to say goodbye!”

In the next picture, Radhika is seen with short hair. And wrote in the caption, “And it’s all gone!!!!! light headed, hair gone short, what is not there is gone, mushroom head”

Bollywood stars usually have their own hairstylist. They follow their advice. But this time Radhika cut her own hair. However, everyone in the comment section said that Radhika has adapted well to this haircut. Radhika herself is more satisfied with her new hairstyle.

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