Artist Dewan Mizan highlighted Corona period on his canvas through “Corona-Kal”

Renowned Bangladeshi Artist Dewan Mizan who is very well known in Bangladesh and also all over the continent because of his unique performing art forms has started his art series called “Corona-Kal” (Corona Period) to show the world about the social, psychological and economic aspects of the COVID-19 situation in Bangladesh. He is publishing his arts in his social media account.

Dewan Mizan’s Corona-Kal is not abstract at all. He is drawing various forms with the black scratch of the brush on the white canvas. Where the artist’s shadow of pain and anxiety is manifested. Just as the corona is surrounding our human existence like a black cloud or the way they act like angry dragons haunting us, so does the artist’s brush touch on the canvas is picturizing with the color of mourning.

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In his every canvas, each form is emerging to call to resist the Corona. He doesn’t want to give this unfortunate guest a place in the house. His brush wants to shout, this is not the age of carelessness. It’s just an unseen monster story. Where we are all one detained human child. Only the full use of one’s conscience, intellect, and awareness can lead us to the path of salvation.

The brave people in his picture are busy fighting for any survival. Those who sometimes representing our country, or sometimes this whole world. He already painted about fifty paintings of this Corona disaster.

The artist Dewan Mizan, who has exhibited his paintings worldwide, is currently working as an Assistant Professor at a private university in Dhaka. He is well known for his visual art form and live painting session on different Social inconsistencies.

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