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Farrer Park Hospital – a Centre of Excellence for Cardiology

While cutting-edge technology may be a prerequisite for providing world-class treatment in a cardiology hospital, skill, experience, and a strong ecosystem are even stronger factors for good patient outcomes, says Dr. Peng Chung Mien, CEO of Farrer Park Hospital in Singapore.

Dr. Peng believes these are key selling points for a hospital, as evidenced by Farrer Park’s success in receiving last year’s Global Health and Travel award for Cardiology Service Provider of the Year. “Farrer Park Hospital is widely recognized as a leading smart hospital in the region. Our facility is the newest, with large hybrid theatres and state-of-the-art equipment,” he explained.

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In addition, the hospital has some of the most experienced cardiologists and cardio-thoracic surgeons in the region. Among these are Dr. Ong Sea Hing, who is trained in structural heart interventions and subspecializes in coronary artery angioplasty and stenting including complex coronary interventions, and his colleague, Dr. Maurice Choo, the founding professor and head of cardiology at the National University Hospital in Singapore.

“There have been many other firsts, too. Most importantly,” he said, “there is an ecosystem of skilled specialists from many other specialties working together to cover the myriad related conditions that affect patients with heart conditions. Conditions do not happen in isolation.”

Dr. Peng also highlighted how being Asia’s first fully integrated healthcare and hospitality complex enables Farrer Park to offer a comprehensive approach to treating heart patients, including recommendations for leading a healthy lifestyle.

“Our health screening center specifically customizes programs to not only screen but offer treatment and preventive courses. Our provisions range from hotel-inspired and dietitian-approved dietary management courses to specific physiotherapist-tailored exercises, not to mention hotel and spa stays for overall mood enhancement. All activities and treatments in a single location for utmost convenience,” Dr. Peng said, adding that he doesn’t think there are any other healthcare and wellness facility like it.

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As evidence of its success, the hospital has been receiving a greater number of medical tourists seeking cardio-related treatments from other countries.

“This is one of the most popular specialties that medical tourists come for. We have many patients coming from Indonesia and South Asia seeking treatments, from simple angiograms to the more complex bypasses,” said Dr. Peng. “Moreover, we have done close to 140 complex cardiac surgeries with zero adverse morbidity.”

He believes the hospital’s “unique blend” of cutting-edge and serious medicine, combined with the ambiance and comfort of a five-star hotel, is considerable pull factors. “This offers medical tourists convenience, comfort, and value like no other,” he said.

Farrer Park Hospital is Singapore’s newest private tertiary institution. This 220 bedded facility is located directly above Farrer Park MRT station. The hospital’s care philosophy extends beyond healing and the management of disease, to engaging patients as partners in the pursuit of good health. Patients are treated by an experienced team of medical and health specialists in an environment meticulously designed to maximize comfort and efficiency while promoting well-being, rest and recovery.

The hospital’s services and facilities support a full range of surgical and medical procedures as well as treatments. Patients are accommodated in four floors of inpatient suites with a range of room sizes and privacy levels to match patient’s preferences and comfort levels. The hospital is part of Connexion – A unique facility designed by healthcare practitioners and hoteliers that delivers the experience of an integrated lifestyle hub for healthcare and wellness. The building houses a specialist medical center and a five-star hotel and spa. Farrer Park Hospital is part of Singapore-based The Farrer Park Company.

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