Cleaner field environments for a prosperous childhood

Kids grow up. Growing up does not take account for physiological growth only, but also involves psychological development. But since birth, there is almost no adequate association of mental development of children, growing up confined within four walls of a room. The state, guardians and society, all have the responsibility of ensuring quality education for children, to grow up as ideal citizens of the nation. Psychological development is crucial for that to happen. And on ensuring psychological growth, outdoor activities and sports besides academics, play a crucial role.

But where can such arrangements for sports or physical activities be found in cities? Open playgrounds with open environments that benefits child development are absent. There are no fields, neither any support of any kind to ensure this. So children have turned towards the floor of the house, the roof of the house as alternatives to playgrounds. And others immerse themselves in computer monitors or mobile screens. Computer-mobile games and televised cartoons are seizing the opportunity of mental development that results from growing up in an open environment. United Nations Children’s Convention dictates that it is the state’s responsibility to protect and create the environment suitable for the physical, mental and cultural development of children. There has been a lot of discussions about national child policy and education policy to ensure proper child development. But the reality is completely opposite. Opportunities are not being created, rather the ones that currently exists, are not being saved. There is no sport or fitness opportunity, nor is there the joy of traveling around in open air. Healthy body and a beautiful mind are both important for attaining knowledge and proper development. For this, playing opportunities in open environment is essential.

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It is normal that children will play in open fields. But such fields are almost nonexistent. There is insufficient playgrounds in Dhaka city compared to its population. The whole city is just filled with constructions. The playgrounds that we had before our great liberation war are not there anymore. There is no suitable place for our children to play. There is no such good place for even walking. And many of those playgrounds do not have good supporting environment due to lack of cleanliness. However, there is hope, as some governmental and non-governmental organizations have been motivated to bring back the atmosphere in such playgrounds. Recently, such an initiative has been taken by ‘Dettol-Harpic Porichchonno Bangladesh’ campaign. With Bangladesh cricket team’s former cricketer Mohammad Rafique, Porichchonno Bangladesh campaign has taken steps to restore decent environment of multiple fields. If the city’s field environment is restored, then childhood enthusiasm may again be visible.

Mohammad Rafiq said, “In fact, there have been numerous protests on the subject matter of playing grounds and fields. Some grounds have been seized. Many fields have lost sporting utility due to lack of cleanliness. There is no alternative to good and playable grounds, to retain the position that Bangladesh Cricket has attained in the world, by proving themselves and to grow beyond it. So all of us should come forward to make the fields playable again. Everyone must ensure of keeping the fields clean and be more aware on the subject matter”.

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