UN forum to highlight vital role of South-South cooperation

Jorge Chediek, the Secretary-General’s Envoy on South-South Cooperation, talks to UN News about the upcoming Global Expo that will take place in Antalya, Turkey, from 27 to 30 November.

The expo will be a demonstration of how important south-south cooperation become it is the ninth edition and every year more and more experiences and successes are being shared a demonstration that the countries of the global South are finding their own solutions and they’re very eager to share them.

Over 1100 people who will be joining from over 120 countries more than 35 side events will take place over photo booth exhibits will be there and many partnerships will be developed because as I mentioned south-south cooperation is a critical element find responses to the development challenges of developing countries.

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This is a great opportunity for new partnerships to be forged and to advance they divide the importance of south-south cooperation for the global architecture the SDGs require a global alliance with the engagement of all the countries south-south cooperation should not be seen as a replacement but as a complement of north-south cooperation but it will be a very important one in the sense that as I mentioned south-south cooperation produces and can generate more relevant experiences and more relevant practices for other developing countries.

South-south cooperation will be critical and also triangular cooperation which is that cooperation among developing countries that has the support of a partner country developed country or an international organization

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