Is WC3 method is the solution to reduce global warming?

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WC3 methodology movement is a practicing method to reduce carbon emissions by spreading knowledge to the personal level. It helps individuals to decrease personal carbon footprints to reduce global warming. It’s a practical way to gain Mitigation and achieving the climate resilience.

This movement is intended to remove the root cause of carbon emissions by letting everyone know about their personal contribution of Carbon to nature.

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The letter “W” representing the word “We”, which is the symbol of the power of bonding. Single persons can put their personal contributions to save the climate, and when every “I” will become as “We” the saving capability will become super speed full to residue our Carbon foot print. This Carbon footprint is represented by the letter “C”.

95% of the researchers are indicating that ‘Lack of knowledge’ about personal contribution in Climate Change. We are taking part in this procedure to increase climate change effect without our knowledge and concern. To stop their WC3 method is very much effective. Cause into this method, people get to know about the data and facts about their personal contribution and solutions with basic knowledge and practical work.

This WC3 method is first implemented and introduced in Bangladesh by local NGO MATI Bangladesh. Mostly they are doing work by implementing WC3 methods in the Brahmaputra Basin and other climate vulnerable areas with the support of Caritas Luxembourg.

MATI is creating awareness into field level to lawmakers level by spreading the knowledge. Also, it’s working on various adaptation programs.

Overall WC3 is a way to get climate resilience by removing the darkness about climate knowledge.

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