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It might seem tangential to what’s most on your mind, but here in Kenya, World Vasectomy Day is building a movement of men who are committed to kindness and compassion, something we are deeply in need of everywhere.

Yes, I’m far away, but not so far that I can ignore the changes coming down the road or pretend it won’t affect me or my family or the communities I value. I am sad I am not back in the US with loved ones to comfort and to share the energy I’ve been gathering up as we build towards our November 18th event, but know that we are working around the clock. Our fight has not ended. We are just beginning.

I know all of this sounds crazy, like what does getting a vasectomy have to do with a kinder, better world, but here we are speaking with hundreds of men daily who are joining us and choosing to take on the responsibility for family planning.  Today over 100,000 visits occurred on our social media sites. Last year at our height we were just above 20,000.

When we got to Kenya we were told it was impossible to engage Kenyan men in FP, let alone vasectomies. A renowned anthropologist said that African men consider it belittling to even consider the option. I told her then that stronger than any cultural construct was the desire to raise a family with children whose lives are better than our own.  Men in Kenya dedicate themselves to that proposition every day.

In any case, we don’t reach out to all men expecting to change everyone’s minds.  We focus on the few who are true leaders, the men who are not afraid, the ones would not allow that their women suffer alone.  These men and their partners are the courageous individuals who overcome prejudice, pride and ignorance to  lead our movement.

As of today, the good we do, we must do with greater resolve. The challenges we face require that we work even harder to overcome. Our goal is not just to celebrate the 1,000 doctors and 10,000 men who sign on and sign up world wide, but to begin to share their spirit as part of a growing movement of optimism. Today that feeling might be missing. The best way to get it back is by getting busy!

So please join us, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and do support our Crowd Funding Campaign!

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