It’s National Cat Day!

News Hour:

Just in time for National Cat Day on Oct. 29, Guinness World Records has released exclusive footage of Ludo, the record holder for longest domestic cat.

Owned by Kelsey Gill of Wakefield, United Kingdom, Ludo is a Maine Coon who measures 3 feet, 10.59 inches long.

Check out the gallery above to see photos of Ludo and more of the largest cat breeds.

Some challenges of owning such a large cat for Gill include having to use a a dog carrier and a dog harness to travel with him.

After seeing the Harry Potter films, Kelsey decided she wanted to own a large cat, and after much research went with a Maine Coon.

Other cat breeds known for their large size include Rag-doll, Norwegian Forest, Siberian and Savannah.

Savannah cats are considered the largest domestic cat breed, but are actually a cross between a Siamese and an African (wild) Serval cat. They’ve just recently been accepted as a domestic breed of cat.


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