Codex Software Solution, a revolution in Bangladeshi apps industry

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Codex Software Solution Ltd. is a Bangladesh based Tech Company working with a view to make a digital revolution in Bangladesh.

Codex is focused on Software Development, Web Solution, Mobile Application, Digital Marketing, 2D/3D animation and IT Training.

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Here are some eye-catching parts from the founder as well as Managing Director (MD) of Codex Software Solution Ltd., Mr. Pavel Sarwar.

News Hour: Tell us more about Codex.
Pavel Sarwar: From the beginning, Codex is working for public service innovation-related projects. The process is simple: we develop software , mobile apps, web portal, contents for our clients, help them to implement it, and train their people so that they can run it properly.

News Hour: When did Codex start its journey and how was it?
Pavel Sarwar: When we started in 2013, we were just a team of five people. Over the years, we have developed process and system. We are working hard to make sure that everyone is in line. Now we are a team of 23 people and very confident for making any kinds of software and mobile application. We have realized that women are also good workers. So we have involved women in our company as workers and partners to reduce the discrimination among men and women. At the beginning, it was tough to survive, by very slow degrees we have established. We are progressing day by day.


News Hour: What kind of service Codex serves?
Pavel Sarwar: We get the requirements from our clients, then customize the product according to the requirements and deliver it. Finally, we train the people and implement it on behalf of the clients. That’s the way we work. We also innovate some public services related to technology for reducing hassle, corruption and time. We are working with many Government and private organizations including Anti-Corruption Commission, A2I, Dhaka Bar Association, Dhaka Divisional commissioner office, Many DC,UNO,AC (Land) office to name a few. This year we got “Young Entrepreneurs Award” from BdOSN.

News Hour: What’s Codex’s vision and mission?
Pavel Sarwar: Our mission and vision are to be a part of making a digital Bangladesh and give public service through technology at the figure steps. Codex believes that one day our dreams come true.


News Hour: Do you have any plan to guide the youth generation to be more involved with tech industry?
Pavel Sarwar: Of course, we are working with the young generation. We support, develop, recognize and promote achievements of Youths in ICT. Our mission is to empower Youth in the tech industry to achieve unimagined possibilities and transformations through technology, leadership. Recently we signed a MoU with Golcal Pvt. Ltd., Nepal for a project named “Journey of Entrepreneurs” which will boast up understanding, cultural horizon, networking, leadership, personality capabilities and a lot of fun.

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