In hong kong, the iphone 7’s tagline means something slightly naughty

News Hour:

If you can understand Cantonese – and roughly 80 million people around the world can – then this tagline is actually a bit risqué. 7 in this language is pronounced “tsat,” which also happens to be slang for penis. It’s not a particularly offensive version of the phallic insult, and it tends to be used to describe something that’s a little daft, or a person that’s been a tad silly.

In any case, one possible reading of the iPhone 7 slogan is, unfortunately, “This is penis.” Apple should have probably learned a lesson from Samsung, after the company released the (exploding) Galaxy Note 7 smartphone a few months back, only for Hong Kongers to note that this sort of means Galaxy “stick of penis.”

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It could be worse. Back in the 1980s, when KFC opened its doors in Beijing, the company’s “Finger-lickin’ good” slogan was translated into Mandarin Chinese as “Eat your fingers off.”

Worse still, in Belgium, automobile manufacturer Ford once used the catchphrase “Every car has a high-quality body,” but this was mistakenly translated to “Every car has a high-quality corpse.” So close, yet so very far.

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