Alcon launches Dailies Total1® Multifocal contact lenses, the first and only water gradient lenses designed for people with presbyopia

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Alcon, the global leader in eye care and a division of Novartis, introduces Dailies Total1 Multifocal contact lenses for people with presbyopia. This innovative multifocal lens provides both seamless distant, intermediate and near vision, and the outstanding comfort of the Dailies Total1 water gradient lens technology. Dailies Total1 Multifocal contact lenses use Alcon’s Precision Profile(TM) lens design, a design also included in Alcon’s Air Optix® Aqua and Dailies Aqual Comfort Plus® multifocal contact lenses.

Presbyopia is an eye condition that is part of natural aging that generally begins after age 40. It is the gradual decline of the eye’s ability to focus on nearby objects, causing them to appear blurry and out of focus. Presbyopia affects nearly 2 billion people worldwide. Many contact lens wearers discontinue the use of contact lenses after age 40 due to dryness, discomfort and visual acuity issues.

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“Presbyopia can have a significant impact on people’s quality of life as they get older”, said Mike Ball, CEO, Alcon. “With Dailies Total1 Multifocal, Alcon has designed a unique contact lens that answers to the increased need for comfort and the expectation of a seamless visual experience of people with presbyopia.”

The Dailies Total1 water gradient technology reduces end-of-day dryness, as the water content approaches nearly 100% at the outermost surface of the lens. The “hydrophilic” (water-loving) surface of the lens is almost as soft as the surface of the cornea (corneal epithelium) to enhance comfort, while the innovative optical design of this new multifocal lens offers a smooth progression of power designed to provide a seamless experience between distant, intermediate and near vision.

Dailies Total1 Multifocal contact lenses are commercially available in Australia, Canada, United States and Switzerland as of July 27 and are expected to be available in various EU countries by September 1.

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