Fast internet service provider Doze Internet will be available in Mymensingh

Fast speed and uninterrupted service may lead Mymensingh to a new era of information technology and outsourcing.

Fastest Internet service provider DOZE Internet started their service officially in Mymensingh. After Dhaka, Comilla and Chittagong they select Mymensingh to provide high-speed Internet services. Local partner organization Mymensingh Online is giving support to Dose Internet.

The Internet is an important issue in this era of information technology. In this case, Fast speed can speed up the dreams of many young people. DOZE internet may bring the light of hope for the city of Mymensingh. To integrated the service DOZE Internet and Mymensingh Online arranged a press conference in Mymensingh Press Club.

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Head of Online Mymensingh Mr. Riyad Mahbub, CEO of SSD Tech Mr. Hasan Mehedi and General Secretary of the Press Club Mohammad Babul Hossain was present on the occasion. Also, Many honorable figures have attended the ceremony.

SSD Tech’s Chief Executive, Hasan Mehedi said, “We believe that there is a great demand for good quality Internet service in our country And we’re working together to convey the quality service to everyone. By spreading our network in Mymensingh, We are working together for a new breakthrough. for this tough job we found a great partner called “Online Mymensingh”.

Head of Mymensingh online, Young & Dynamic Mymensingh based Businessman Mr. Riyad Mahbub said, “Dose Internet service is going to start a new era in Mymensingh city. The young people of the country are now looking forward to something new. Now Bangladesh considered as one of the top outsourcing countries in this world. They are facing various problems due to low speed and interrupted internet. For this DOZE has launched the high-speed internet package in Mymensingh which will ensure uninterrupted service.”

By ensuring the great and super speed internet, Youth of Mymensingh will have a great opportunity to show their ability to the whole world. We are very optimistic about this.

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