Nishat Rahman, a young female entrepreneur of e-commerce in Bangladesh

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Nishat Rahman is a young, motivated, hard working entrepreneur in Bangladesh. Having post graduation in Marketing from Eden College, Dhaka, she is running her business online. She is a reputed entrepreneur of e-commerce sector in Bangladesh. She established her online shop Stylish Shopping in 2014. News Hour had an opportunity to take an interview of her. The whole interview has been provided below.

News Hour: Thank you for your time.

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Nishat Rahman: It’s my pleasure.

News Hour: How did you get the idea of Stylish Shopping?

Nishat Rahman: Any sort of initiative is born from dream or wish. While spending time online, one day, I wished to utilize the time. From that wish, the thing I started is “Stylish Shopping”.

News Hour: When did you start Stylish Shopping?

Nishat Rahman: Though I planned of Stylish Shopping much earlier. But, Stylish Shopping started it’s journey on January 28th, 2014. That day, I officially opened the Facebook page of Stylish Shopping.

News Hour: What products do you sell and who are your customers?

Nishat Rahman: I’ve been selling ladies bags from the beginning and my clients are usually ladies of all ages.

Nishat Rahman, owner of Stylish Shopping

News Hour: How much emphasis do you place on traditional marketing how much is social media?

Nishat Rahman: To be honest, I have never differentiated between traditional marketing and online marketing. I have equally emphasized on both.

News Hour: How do you manage all of the works by yourself?

Nishat Rahman: The beginning wasn’t easy at all. When I started the online business, I didn’t have any work experience then. I had to tackle all by myself since I started with a small capital. I used to take order in Facebook by myself and deliver products to the customers in the place of their choice. Now, Stylish Shopping has a position of it’s own. But still, I do all works by myself.

News Hour: Do you have any employee?

Nishat Rahman: Stylish Shopping is one man army.

News Hour: That’s great. Do you have any international customer?

Nishat Rahman: Yes and No. Bangladeshis living abroad usually order products through my page and in that case, I deliver the product to their local address in Bangladesh. Their relatives then send their products to them. But, I haven’t delivered any parcel abroad by myself yet.

News Hour: How do you advertise your products?

Nishat Rahman: According to me, advertising is really important for Business, especially for online business. Customers buy their products online by seeing photo or video. For my customers, I upload photos of several products in my page almost every day. Sometimes I describe products in detail by uploading video or by coming into Facebook live. Moreover, I promote my products by boosting.

News Hour: How the order is placed and the delivery is done?

Nishat Rahman: Customers confirm their order by sending messages in Stylish Shopping’s page. After orders are confirmed, the products are given cash-on-delivery. I use courier services for product delivery outside Dhaka.

News Hour: Who is the inspiration behind your decision to become an entrepreneur?

Nishat Rahman: My Mother. She inspired me a lot to become an entrepreneur.

News Hour: Tell us if you had any hindrance in your path that time?

Nishat Rahman: Some small hindrances were there. But I haven’t faced any big hindrance yet.

News Hour: Apart from Stylish Shopping, did you work somewhere else?

Nishat Rahman: I started my business when I was a student. So, Stylish Shopping is my first and only work till now.

News Hour: What is the present condition of your business?

Nishat Rahman: It’s very good. I am getting a huge response from customers.

News Hour: What is your future plan?

Nishat Rahman: My future plan is to open a showroom named Stylish Shopping.

News Hour: What suggestions will you give to the newcomers in this sector?

Nishat Rahman: You will have, to be honest. Real-time thinking, confidence and hardworking can make you successful. This is the suggestion for the newcomers from me.

News Hour: Before I finish taking your interview I would like to ask about your family.

Nishat Rahman: My father Kazi Sazzad Hossain is a retired sub-district Ansar and VDP officer. My mother Kazi Saheli Sazzad is a housewife. I have one younger sister Taspia. She is a Student. I am married. My husband Rezwanur Rahman is a service holder.

News Hour: Thank you so much, Ms. Nishat Rahman, for your time. I wish you good luck on behalf of News Hour team.

Nishat Rahman: Thanks to News Hour. I wish News Hour good luck. News Hour is doing really great. I visit News Hour and read news everyday.

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