Bangladeshi women in eSports – Breaking Boundaries!

Zerin Tasnim tells the story of her childhood as she goes on to reflect on the recent feat of our glorious women in eSports, leaving a mark within the gaming scene of Bangladesh

Back when I was a child, visits to my cousins’ homes consisted of me spending hours pressing the right-left-up-down keys with my little fingers on their computers – trying to drive my car through all obstacles on NFS; or ride away to win the race on Road Rash! Afterward, as I grew older and went deeper into gaming, I began visiting “gaming hubs” quite often to play video games with friends and other gaming enthusiasts.

These “gaming hubs” would regularly organize gaming competitions and tournaments in which the best players would participate. My team and I also made a place within the winner list a few times. Although these hubs got lost over time, many software companies started arranging such tournaments in Dhaka and other regions in Bangladesh.

As of now, Bangladeshi gamers are not only limited to these national borders but are also soaring to newer heights across international gaming platforms, as Bangladesh is hitting newer milestones within the eSports sphere.

And that brings me to the recent feat of the incredible all-female team that represented Bangladesh in the official esports tournament ‘Global Esports Games 2022’, competing at Dota 2. Let’s take a look at these incredible achievers within the country’s eSports sphere:

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Nushin “Mirajane” Reza

The undergraduate student and captain of Team Mayhem possesses an immense passion for gaming. This very passion of her and her teammates helped them stick together through all uncertainties. For Nushin, gender stereotyping acted as the major challenge within the progression of her gaming career; however, with constant practice, she rose above and beyond all obstacles to reach where she is now!

Anika “Nooblet” Tabassum Medha

Medha’s games are often streamed on social media, earning her a notable amount of connections in the gaming arena. For her, gaming is a lifestyle. However, she also had to answer numerous questions from society regarding her passion for being involved in competitive video gaming as a woman. Despite such barriers, she continued to pursue her passion – towards a goal of reaching newer heights every day.

Aushnandrilla’ Bombastic Potato’ Saha

The youngest member of the team recently completed her A-Levels and has been playing Dota 2 for 6 years now. She aspires to become a professional gamer and pursue her education abroad, where she can also pursue gaming with better-supporting infrastructure.

Tasneem ‘Legal Girl’ Taufiq

Tasneem, an undergraduate student, has had a passion for gaming for years and met her teammates while playing. After playing countless matches together, they achieved this amazing feat through their immense respect for each other, despite their differences.

Subrima ‘SunShine’ Sumiya

Subrima, a recent graduate, started playing back in 2016. Among many other games she has played over the years, Dota 2 is her favorite. Due to some unavoidable reasons, she had to pause gaming for two years. However, with consistent practice and relentless determination, she got back with full force to earn this incredible accolade.

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And, with Sadman ‘Jimmy’ Abidur Rahman as their coach, these five girls made it to represent Bangladesh at the Dota 2 women’s national team tryout for Bangladesh, hosted by The Global Esports Federation and Bangladesh Youth Development and Electronic Sports Association (BYDESA). The team faced Team Singapore and Team Sri Lanka in the South Asia group stage of Global Esports Games 2022!

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