Green Textile Ltd is now top LEED green factory

With a score of 104 out of 110, Bangladesh’s Garment Factory Green Textile Limited Unit 4 has surpassed all previous industry group projects to take the top spot among LEED Green factories globally.

Eight of the top ten environmentally friendly companies are currently found in Bangladesh.

All ten of the best LEED factories, according to BGMEA, received platinum certification. Factory receiving a score of 80 or higher receives a platinum certificate, factory receiving a score of 60 to 79 receives a gold certificate, factory receiving a score of 50 to 59 receives a silver certificate, and factory receiving a score of 40 to 49 is only a qualified factory.

The best 52 companies out of the top 100 are all from Bangladesh. China has 10 LEED approved RMG businesses, followed by Pakistan with 9, Sri Lanka and India with 6, and Vietnam and Taiwan with 4.

According to BGMEA sources, there are 183 LEED-certified or environmentally friendly companies in Bangladesh, with another 500 pursuing certification.

The US Green Building Council (USGBC), which awards Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certificates, is the most renowned of the international companies that certify environmentally responsible buildings.

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